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Welcome to the Quiet Book Page!  Here you can find links to all the pages I’ve already done.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me through the link at the top of my blog.


Christmas 2012 011with watermark

Music notes page





Christmas 2012 008     Noah’s Ark





Christmas 2012 009

 Rapunzel Page





Christmas 2012 015


Braid Queen Esther’s Hair







Christmas 2012 010


Cookie Jar Alphabet




Christmas 2012 014

Ice Cream Alphabet








Christmas 2012 012

Mrs. Potato Head




Christmas 2012 021


Snowman Page






Christmas 2012 022


Jonah and the Fish  (I did call it a whale but the Bible doesn’t specifically call it that (ooops, will be fixing THAT one next time I make the page)




Christmas 2012 020


Peter the Fisherman






Silver Dart Quiet Page Blog


Canadian History Page: The Silver Dart    This is my original page and does not yet have a pattern…I don’t mind someone attempting to copy it between now and me getting a pattern posted.  There are no copy-rights on this, lol.  And I do plan on eventually having a free pattern available.


June 2013 - Quiet Book 001


8 Quiet Book pages:

Lacing page – Shape Page

Farm finger puppets – Velcro Apple Tree

Canadian Flag – Nova Scotian Flag

Wild Animal Habitats x 2

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