Devotionals For Women

Seeking to Love

Here I am compiling a list of books for women to use in daily devotions or for personal study time.  This list was started because of a desire to be able to find good material for conservative Christians.  I was struggling to find something I could use to encourage myself in daily devotions.  Some of these are books I have used in the past and some are highly recommended by Christian women and pastor’s wives.

*Not all the books included in these lists are 100% conservative.  Some books do not use the King James Version but have been added based on their merit and on the merit of the author.  There may be some things within in each book that I do not agree with completely, however, based on the overall content and through conversation with other Godly women, I include them with the disclaimer that you read with discretion and discernment (See: Reading with Discernment)


Daily Readings Recommendations – books that include a simple reading for each day.   Some are monthly and some are yearly.


Bible Studies –  These are books that directly study the Bible and aspects of it.


Spiritual Growth  – These are books that will encourage you in your walk with the Lord as we strive to be Godly women.

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