Daily Readings

*Disclaimer:  Not all books use the KJV.  In fact, most probably do not, it is sad but many publishing companies are choosing not to use the KJV at this time.    I also do not endorse all of the information found in these books but have chosen to include them  based on their merit and the author’s reputation.  I do ask you to exercise discernment when reading and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your devotional time with the Lord (See:  Reading with Discernment).

This list includes a number of resources that can be used for daily readings.  Some of these I have used many times over.  I will try to include links on where you can find these to buy, just click on the title of the book (I have chosen to link to Amazon.com for certain books, if you are buying in Canada you will need to switch to Amazon.ca).

Daily Readings with Scripture

Glow in the Dark (for Teens)   (My church uses these for adults as well as teens, there is also a junior one for children)

Our Daily Bread

Days of Praise

A Heart Refreshed – This is a daily reading but also includes pages for journaling (I am definitely ordering one!)  There are 700 pages to this book.

Gospel Meditations for… (et al) – These are 1-month daily devotionals on various subjects.  There is one for women, one for men, one for prayer, the hurting, and missions.

My Utmost for His Highest – by Oswald Chambers.  My copy of this is so marked from use.  I don’t know how many times I have read through this one.  There is also an app you can download that will make it easy for you to keep up with that day’s reading.  I love this option!

Streams in the Desert – by Mrs. Charles Cowman.  I think my mom has read this one and it’s counterpart (see below) many times.  I used it one year when I was living at home but my mom wasn’t going to part with it. =)   This also has an app that you can download from the Google play store and it will give you the daily reading.

Springs in the Valley – by Mrs. Charles Cowman

Amazing Grace: 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions – by Keneth Osbeck.   I have not personally read this book but I have read a couple others by him (101 Hymn Stories, etc).   I was told it uses the NIV (there’s my disclaimer) but it gives a hymn or chorus for every day of the year.  I think it would be a really neat read.

Through a Season of Grief – Bill Dunn and Kathy Leonard:  A 365-day devotional that is designed to support and uplift you in the first, most difficult year of bereavement.    I have not read this devotional but it came highly recommended from a lady who has been through it.

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