Last of the Series! Quiet Book #3

I am so excited to share this last book with you.  Yes, its early, in the morning, so if there are a few mistakes you will know why.  I try to proofread more than once but one or two mistakes may slip through my foggy brain this morning.

Jonah: Quiet Book

Jonah and the Whale.

On the first page, the whale’s mouth unzips (its actually not a loud zip since its a small opening so no sound) and there is a little Jonah inside that the kids can take out and play with.  I just realized as I’m typing this that I usually put Jonah on a string so he doesn’t get lost and I never even thought about it as I was making these pages (ooops).  So Jonah is free-play, haha.  The idea for this page came from Sewing Belle Blogspot, although there were many different blogs with similar ideas for this one.

The second page is a marble maze.  Help Jonah find his way from the sea to Nineveh.  Last week I showed you the marble maze I did with fabric instead of felt.  Here is the felt version.   Again, I probably will go with fabric after this only because the felt is going to get bally and yucky pretty quickly with a little finger trying to push that marble/bead around.

Dorcas: Quiet Book Dorcas: Quiet Book







The story of Dorcas was always one of my favourites in the Bible, although many don’t know who she was. The woman’s life and death is recorded in Acts 9.  Although little is known of this woman, the Bible records that she sewed clothes for the very poor.  When she died, Peter was brought in by the church at Joppa to raise her from the dead.  What an amazing woman she  must have been to have warranted such a mourning and an amazing request from an entire church!

This page came from an old quiet book posted by Glued to Glory.   I would probably not have thought of something so simple on my own and I love it.  Not only is it helping children learn how to lace, but parents will learn something teaching their child about this wonderful story.

Armour of God: Quiet Book

A dress up page!   I made this one two-fold.  And, really, the second part of it is more for an older child who can read, although if an adult is able to they could sit and help a child with this one.  The armour of God is one part of the Bible that we love to teach children.  Who wouldn’t love to dress up in armour and wield a sword?  All the armour is doubled for durability.  The armour can be snapped onto the page for easy transport (you won’t lose any parts).  The child can dress up the boy in the armour and then, when ready to put it away, snap each piece into its proper place.

This page came with templates for all the pieces from the blog, Laura Thoughts.  I did add the skirt (it was part of the template but as an extra piece).  I don’t like people being in their underwear (awkward), so I sewed the skirt part right on as it served no purpose in the grand scheme of things.  I also added the castle in the background to make it more appealing (I’m like that).  I think everything else followed her template.

And there you have it.  The third and final quiet book.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey with me.  Can you believe that next week will bring in November 1st?

I’ll share a little tidbit with you: I am not planning on blogging much in the beginning of December so I plan to do a series on the people of the nativity story in November.  I also have a giveaway planned that I am soooooo excited about!   I can’t wait for November to be here, haha.   I do have another book coming next week (I’m not finished it yet, lol).  This one should be one I can recommend to you.

And, if you live in the Dartmouth/Fall River/Hammonds Plains/Barrington areas, keep an eye out for Joyful Noise in November.  I have markets coming up in all these places that I am super excited about.  Soaps, lotions, facial toners, room sprays, and so much more will be on my table.  Many of these items will not be for sale in my Etsy store (as shipping is outrageous for a small bottle of room spray) but if you are interested in something and won’t be at these markets message me on here or on Facebook and we will work it out.  I will post most items on my Facebook page.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

A New Page: Quiet Book #2

This week has been a quiet one on the blog.  We enjoyed a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend filled with visits and time with our church family.

A New Page: Quiet Book #2

A New Page:  Quiet Book #2

We had so much fun apple picking on Monday with our church family.  Our pastor was able to get some amazing pictures.  I wish I could share them all with you, but this post will be long enough without them, haha.

I have so much to write and share but I admit to feeling a little nostalgic this week and just wanted to enjoy that feeling without sharing it online.  Sometimes the Lord gives us things that just aren’t meant to be shared and that’s okay.

Today, I am going to share the second quiet book that I finished recently (with one more to come next week).

Moses Bulrushes: A New Page   #QuietWorkings I love this page…all the little grasses hiding Baby Moses.  I always enjoyed the Old Testament stories of Moses leading the Israelites through the wilderness.  This page is pretty simple.  This totally came from the Monica Minto sewing blog.  I always do a few things differently, but it is very close to the original.

Pharaohs Palace: A New Page   #QuietWorkings This palace page is a lot of fun to play with (if I do say so myself, haha).  The only thing I don’t like about it is that the four windows are pretty small and the fact of them getting lost is all I can think about.  Small pieces don’t last long in our house.  The great thing, too, is that you can make the palace any way you want.  It can be different every time.  And, if you have finger puppets you can make it into a princess and knight page and totally free-play with it.

This pattern was originally from a sand page from Imagine Our Life (amazing quiet book blog!)

Pauls Missionary Marble Maze: A New Page   #QuietWorkings

Paul’s Missionary Journey is a marble maze.  I got the idea from Glued to Glory’s page.  Her page has you adding rocks to where the churches were started (which is still neat) but I decided to try my hand at using fabric for a page.  I am not really happy with how it turned out.  I tried sewing it first and I just don’t like how “clean” the lines look.  Its too clinical, so then I went over it with embroidery thread but, as you can see, it puckered the material, and I just don’t think it sits as nicely as the felt ones.  My only issue with using felt for a page like this (and I have done it as you will see next week) is that the felt will wear with constantly pushing the marble back and forth under the material.  So I probably will continue to use fabric because it will hold up better, I just need to figure out a better way of doing it.

Peter the fisherman Collage: A New Page    #QuietWorkings Okay, so seriously, this is pretty much a boy’s favourite page.  Little Man begged to play with this.  I ended up making him one but I need to invest in some really sturdy magnets for the fishing rods.  The one I used for this page was the only one strong enough on my fridge to pull the fish out of their pockets.  I got the idea from Shannon Makes Stuff.  I just didn’t like the idea of enclosing the magnet inside the felt.  I’ve worked with magnets before and I know they don’t like to work through material.  If you notice in the picture above I actually did put some felt on one side and around the edge, but the bottom side (that’s attached to the paper clip) is open.  I did this to hide the glue holding the string to the magnet.  Its still open on one side.

I love creating these books and putting my own special mark on them, even if I use someone else’s idea. I have plans for a nativity one that will be all my own!  So excited.  So much work!  I’m just scared I’m not going to have time with the markets I have coming up in November.  Its a busy time of year.  But I really want to get it done.

I hope you enjoy seeing these and I can’t wait to share the last book with you next week.

Shhhh….It’s Time to be Quiet

I love how the name of my blog seemed to morph into something a couple years after I chose it.  The Lord knew where He was taking me and he gave me Quiet Workings…knowing that that would be where I am at right now.

I have been learning so much about being quiet; having a quiet spirit.  It’s not the same as being quiet with your mouth (although that is part of it).   I hope in the future I’ll be able to tell you about my journey in that area.

But, I’ve also dived into the world of teaching children to be quiet.  I made my first quiet books as a Christmas present for three children in my church, and since then I have changed so many things and started making my own patterns.  I loved the idea of Bible-themed quiet books that my children could take to church.  They’re own “Bible” in a way, so that they were still learning about the Bible even if they weren’t paying attention to the pastor (let’s face it, how many 2 yr olds listen to the pastor’s sermons? haha).

So I started with patterns and ideas I found online.  Of course, Pinterest, who could forget that wealth of information!  But lately, I’ve been working my way through the Bible stories.  My aim is to cover most of the Bible in felt.  So far I have done the story of Creation, Noah’s flood and the rainbow, the Tower of Babel, Moses in the bulrushes and at the Red Sea, Abraham with Isaac on the mountain (where God asks him to sacrifice Isaac and then provides a ram), Esther, Peter fishing, and I am currently working on Jacob and Esau (okay “currently” might be misleading since I haven’t touched that page in months, haha).

Actually, “currently” I am working on a mini-quiet book.  I love shaping them into the shape of whatever the story is about.  So, for instance, I have done Noah’s Ark in the shape of an ark.  It’s super cute.


Here’s a sneak peek at what I am currently working on.  These are going to be for sale in my Etsy store as I finish them.  The mini books, will, of course, be cheaper than a full-sized book.  I am really excited about doing these.  They have been such a saver for me on nights when Little Man had to sit still.

Little Man often sits in church now, and while the book doesn’t keep his attention for long (I need to make new pages or a new book or something, haha) it does work for a bit to keep an active little boy still.   He also has one that is in pieces (his first ever) that he keeps in his bedroom and takes with him for his afternoon naps.  It keeps him occupied when he doesn’t feel like sleeping (that one is made up of general pages, not Bible-themed, and can be seen by clicking on “Quiet Pages” under the Homemaking link above).

I had one person give me some great suggestions on my Facebook page but I’m looking for some more inspiration and would love to hear from you all about what stories you would love to see in one of these quiet books.  What are some Bible stories children need to know?

FYI: I will not be doing any that require a picture of Jesus in them, as I will not attempt to put Him into felt.  That said, I probably will do a nativity scene and one of the cross and the empty tomb for Easter (since those are integral to our Christian faith).

Feel free to leave me a comment or join in on the discussion on Facebook!

The Bible in Kid-Friendly Form

In 2013 I began working on a quiet book for Little Man that I would good about having him play with in church.   I like keeping his focus, while in church, on worship and the Bible.  So I began working through some ideas and sewing them together with felt.  I like the felt over cloth because it requires less “machine” time.  I can be out in the living room watching Little Man play while I sew.

Most of these pages were completed before August and Little Miss’s birth.  I haven’t done much sewing since but the last few weeks I began working on Abraham and Isaac and I have one more set to do on Jacob and Esau.  Then Book 1 will be done.  I want to keep working on Bible pages but  I have another ambitious quiet book idea that I want to work on so it might be a little while before I get any more Bible pages done.

PicMonkey Collage1

Here I did all seven days of creation on one page.  HOWEVER, if I do this again I might make it a completely separate page for each day.  I find it’s a little busy and I don’t like busy.  So, Day 1 and 2 are flip sections…Day 3 is button off flowers…Day 4 is a sun/moon flip piece with gold sequin stars…Day 5 has a bird, egret, and fish that velcro on…Day 6 has a man, frog, lady bug, and snake.

I have more animals that can be interchanged on the Noah’s Ark page that comes next.  However, I’ve done many Noah’s Ark pages so I figured another picture of one would be redundant!

PicMonkey Collage2

I got a little backwards on these pages…missed most of Genesis and headed into Exodus…woops!

Anyway…this was a page I saw on Pinterest…the bullrushes are only attached at the bottom and come up to hide the basket and the baby.

PicMonkey Collage3

On this page I attached the Israelites and Pharoah’s army with some thread.  Originally I had them free and one got lost pretty quickly.  They’re pretty tiny so I figured securing them inside the page would be a good thing.

PicMonkey Collage4

I am in love with these next two pages!!!  This is the story where Abraham takes Isaac up the mountain at the Lord’s request to offer him as a sacrifice.  The Lord sends an angel down from Heaven and stops Abraham’s hand before he can kill Isaac and a ram is provided for him to sacrifice instead.   My “thicket” is attached at the top and the bottom leaving room in among the thorns for the ram to get “caught”.

PicMonkey Collage5

The angel comes in and out and Abraham’s hand goes up and down.  Isaac, the wood, the stones, and the ram laying down are all removable.  The stones have velcro so they will stay put when attached.  I’m hoping to do a tutorial/pattern of this page in the next few days so that might get added to the Freebies page soon!  Yeah for patterns. =)

What new things are you working on?

DIY Wednesday–A New Quiet Book

For Little Man’s 18month mile-stone I decided to create him a quiet book.  I usually try to make more than one at a time in order to cut down on actual “work” time that one takes to make.  So I created a birthday book for a little girl that turned two in May.  I just forgot to take pictures of it before I gave it to her, so I’m going to have to see if I can grab some pictures of the pages that are different from LM’s at church some Sunday.

These books were a lot different from the ones I’ve made earlier because the kids are so much younger.  I had to think of pages that would help them learn some simple skills, but at the same time, be easy enough for them to use without parental help (especially when we’re sitting in church!).

One thing I did differently with LM’s book from all the others I’ve done, was to stitch his name on the front.  It was so incredibly tedious!  I like the look…but it definitely took a long time!   I also hand stitched most of the pages themselves.    It’s definitely a lot neater than hot gluing, but I will admit that I ended up hot gluing some parts of the book because sewing just took soooooooo long!  So far the parts that were hot glued have held up well so I’m not concerned about it.  Anyway, here are the pages.  I might end up doing a tutorial some day on how I put together some of my pages but for right now I’m just going to show them to you.  None of them are actually “originals” so I will try to re-find the links to the pages I took them from and post them along with the pics of my finished pages.  Any questions?  Feel free to leave me a comment or message me through the “Contact Me” link in the above menu.


Page 1 is a lacing page from – help the mouse eat the cheese.  When LM first got the book this page was never touched (guess he was a little young for it) but just a couple of months later he’s lacing the mouse through the holes…although not in the right order just yet, hehe.

June 2013 - Quiet Book 001

Page 2 is a shape page.  I don’t have an actual blog to refer you back to here but there are so many of them out there that have done a page like this.  I don’t think I actually followed any particular tute on this page.   I made it the way I thought it would work and it does work, very well.  It was the first page LM went for and still does!  He has a hard time pulling the shapes off the buttons – we’re working on learning how to slide the button through the hole – but if he pulls hard enough he can generally pull the shapes off..and after he has them all off he puts them back in the right spot and has me re-button them for him.  I like that he’s figured out how to match the colours and shapes.

June 2013 - Quiet Book 002

As you can see I’m missing a piece.  He had his book out in nursery on Sunday and it came home missing a few pieces, sigh.

Page 3 and 4 are my farm pages from tjmontoya

June 2013 - Quiet Book 003June 2013 - Quiet Book 008

Little Man snagged his cow to play with as I was taking pictures but here are the pig and horse finger puppets.  There is also a sheep, somewhere at church I’m sure, lol.  These are probably his favorites to play with after the shape page.  He LOVES putting them on his fingers.  He usually tries to put all four on one hand.  It’s quite funny actually.

We’d already lost a couple of apples (from him playing here at home) so I need to replenish those when I get a chance…and maybe add a few extra to the basket in case we lose more!  The only thing I would have done differently on this page is to make the apples bigger.  He has a hard time with the size of them.


Ds finger puppet collage

Pages 5 and 6 are from Diary of a Crafty Lady.  However, hers is an American flag so I had to create my own patterns for the Canadian ones.

June 2013 - Quiet Book 009

Here’s my OCD coming through when it comes to teaching my children about Canada, lol.  Of course the Canadian flag is pretty easy to duplicate so I guess I got away scot free on that one.

Now the Nova Scotia flag is a little harder.  I simplified it by just having the four blue parts that create an “x” shape with the yellow shield in the middle of them.  The shield is supposed to have an orange outline with an orange lion in the middle, but that was a little too small and finicky and I figured those pieces would probably end up getting lost at some point.   I also lucked out that both flags have a white background – pretty easy to duplicate, hehe.


Pages 7 and 8 are from Meli Melo – she has translated her pages into English along with her own so you can read what she’s done.  There are no patterns for anything so I had to free-hand.  I’ve only gotten the panda done (my favorite animal of all time!) so I have some work to do to finish this page.  I’m debating about whether or not to make some of them finger puppets (since those were such a big hit!).


June 2013 - Quiet Book 010

As you can see Little Man was anxious to get his hands on this as I was trying to get pictures ((smile)).  This page isn’t used a whole lot because of the lack of pieces to go in it but he has used his farm finger puppets with it.   There are little hidey holes all over…in the ponds, trees, mountains, etc.  Lots of fun for little animals once they’re created.  Can’t wait to finish it off.  Maybe I’ll take some time today, hmmmm.

What crafty projects are you all working on?   Do you have any plans for future projects?  My brain is already buzzing with thoughts of an all-Bible quiet book.  I’ve even been toying with the idea of making some for the church library for when we have visitors come.  Since we don’t run a junior church right now they do come in handy.   So many ideas!!!!  =)

Happy Wednesday Crafting!