Canadian History

Hey Everyone!

For the past 8 years or so I’ve been working on a project that I wrote when I taught school.  Unfortunately, that project remains mostly unedited and not at a place that I can share it.

I love Canadian History and I am constantly made aware of the fact that this is one aspect of our culture that is seriously lacking.  It’s because of the lack of understanding of our rich history that statues of important figures in our history are being torn down, names being erased from buildings,  and our history being rewritten.  If we do nothing to preserve it today, much of it will be gone or twisted to suit the politically correct agenda within the next few years.

My goal is to use this page of my blog to bring alive Canadian history and to share the exciting and sometimes, horrible, parts of our heritage.  Every country has it’s good parts and bad parts, but it’s putting them together as a whole that has made our country what it is and it’s important for us to understand this history in order to move our country forward.

I am going to be sharing my lesson plans over the next year, with activities and extra reading with living books.   My prayer is that this will be a place where others who want to understand Canada’s history can come to learn and become excited about our rich heritage.