Activities and Crafts

Here are some great activities you can do with your students.  Some are more appropriate for older or younger children and some will encompass all age groups.

* For instructions on various type of paper airplanes (that apparently DO fly) visit:

Silver Dart Blog

*PDF colouring page to accompany the book (click on the picture to download)

* Make a model airplane out of matchsticks or toothpicks and cardboard

*Draw a picture of the airplane taking off on the frozen lake (draw it on poster board or brown paper to cover a wall and you can use it in the next activity as well).

*Have your students pretend to be reporters.   They can:

a. write a newspaper article on the events

b. make a video newscast (with the above picture for background) of the event

* Have your students draw a postcard picture of the Silver Dart (or the Bells) and then write a message about the event to a friend.

Silver Dart Quiet Page Blog*Make felt characters and allow the students to re-enact the flying of the Silver Dart – click here for full pictures

*Have the students dress up as characters and have them act out the story (you could even do this outside on a wintry day; on a frozen lake, etc).  Of course, you probably can’t get a real airplane in there, but it still give them a sense of what it would have been like.

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