Booking Across Canada

I am so excited about being a part of this exciting opportunity.

Blogger “Reading with Mrs. D” has started this fun blogging party in order to help teachers across Canada.  Almost every Canadian province is represented.  We have each chosen a book that pertains to our province (or was written by a Canadian author).

Along with our book, we are including worksheets, crafts, and activities that pertain to it.  Most of these are free but some bloggers have put a lot of work into their sheets and are offering them for a small fee.

As a past elementary teacher and a  future home school teacher I am VERY excited about this project.  This is a great way for teachers across Canada to encourage a love for our great country.  Home school moms and classroom teachers alike will benefit enormously from the information that each of these bloggers is sharing.

On “My Book” page, you will find a short summary of the book I have chosen for Nova Scotia.

“Other Links on the Subject” will give you other internet sites with information on the Silver Dart from written to video that you can use in your classroom.

“Activities and Crafts” has a list of ideas that you can use, ranging from easy to hard and from Primary up to Grade 6.

“Blogger Links” will give you a list of the other bloggers involved by province.   I hope you enjoy browsing what we’ve put together and that this will help you, whether in home school or in your classroom.

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