Bible Study Books

*Disclaimer:  Not all books use the KJV.  In fact, most probably do not, it is sad but many publishing companies are choosing not to use the KJV at this time.    I also do not endorse all of the information found in these books but have chosen to include them  based on their merit and the author’s reputation.  I do ask you to exercise discernment when reading and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your devotional time with the Lord (See:  Reading with Discernment).

This list contains books that are based on understanding Scripture.  These directly involve reading along in your Bible.   Some of these I have personally read and, some, have been highly recommended by Godly women and/or pastor’s wives.

Bible Study Books

What Do I know About My God – Marty Collier    An excellent book that encourages you to journal God’s character while reading through the Bible.

Through the Bible in 90 Days – Chris Tiegreen    I didn’t use the book so much as I did the reading plan.  I did read parts of it, but the reading schedule itself is heavy duty.  I actually found it easier to stay on track than doing a year through the Bible, though, and felt I learned a lot reading the stories together instead of broken up.

Praying with the Kings – Elmer Towns    I read this book a few years ago with my husband after we were first married.  It was excellent and we both want to read more of his.  I will say that, having read it a few years ago, I cannot for certainty say what version was used (I’m guessing it wasn’t KJV) or if there were any questionable parts in it (I don’t remember any).  Unfortunately, our copy is packed up so I can’t review it at this moment.  One of these days I’ll have all my books out and accessible.   I wanted to add it, though, because both my husband and I found it very encouraging and it gave a lot of insight into the books of Kings and Chronicles.  Again, read with discernment.

Meeting Him – Beneth Jones     This is one I will be starting soon, but I feel safe in recommending anything by Beneth Jones.  I have read one of her other books that I will include in next week’s list and really enjoyed it.  I have heard her speak and it was a true blessing.  I know you will be blessed and encouraged by her.

Monthly Topical Studies – Dr. Nell Collins    This is a study that I have just learned about and have started this month.  I love topical studies because it gives you a good background on a particular subject so that when confronted by someone you will have an answer ready.

A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 – Phillip Keller    I have not personally read this book but I know it has been highly recommended over the years by many pastors and pastor’s wives and it is on my list of “Books to Read”.   I read an excerpt online recently for some research I was doing and it made me want to read it even more.  I know it is one that will encourage you.

Hagar: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me – Shadia Hrichi    This book is an incredible glimpse into the life of a woman we often don’t hear much about.  The life of Hagar has much to teach us and Ms Hrichi has done a wonderful job of conveying the lessons we can learn from her.  Check out my full review here.

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