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Where does the time go? How is it the last week of September already? I mean, considering how this year has gone, it’s actually surprising how “fast” it seems to have passed. I’m seriously ready for Christmas right now. All the decorating makes me feel so much happier (I’m waiting, for now, hah).

Monday’s have been Willow’s day for most of the summer and I know it’s been a few weeks since I shared part of her story. Honestly, I felt like I was getting stuck and I needed to step back for a bit and reevaluate how I want her story to play out on paper. It’s a very different thing to write a story with pretty much ONE character. It’s a lot harder to create dialogue but also adds a unique perspective to Chautona Havig’s original character.

I mean, think about what it would be like talking to no one from one day to the next, one month to the next. In Ms Havig’s book, Past Tense, she has the lawyer only coming once a year. I changed that to give it more of a “fatherly” feel, even though he’s not much older than Willow. I wanted Avery’s character not to become romantically involved but still retain that aspect of wanting to help.

And then there’s Avery’s mom. I mean, she’s not in the original story, AT ALL. Hah. I chose to add her because my heart could literally not take writing about someone having a baby with absolutely no one around to talk to. Can you even imagine the fear those nine months would elicit as you walk through the changes your body is going through during pregnancy without someone to ask questions of? Especially in our digital world where Willow has no access to Dr Google if something comes up. I’m a super emotional person and deeply feel things that others brush off. Some of that has come out in this story as I shared how Willow struggled as the enormity of her decision hit her that first week. To try and write about her giving birth on her own was just something I literally could not do.

I won’t leave you hanging (like last time, lol), I am working on her story and polishing up a few chapters I’ve already written. I had planned to have her celebrate Thanksgiving on Canadian Thanksgiving but I’m not sure if I can jump ahead that far in the story. We’ll see where next week takes us. I don’t want to drag this out forever, either. Hah. Please pray for me as I write. I love to write and I want to write what the Lord gives me. I don’t want it to just be words on paper. I also want it to be an encouragement to others. That the lessons Willow learns can also be lessons we all need to learn.

If you haven’t read Willow’s story, you can check out each chapter below:

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