Song of the Willow – Part Six

Chapter Seven – Avery

Avery had been surprised to receive Willow’s phone call while he was still just 20 minutes away.  He had figured she wouldn’t wake up for a long while.   But he was glad.  It had been the Lord’s working, for sure.  Avery had never admitted to Willow that he had grown up in the area or that his mother lived just up the road from her.  He had figured she would run the other direction as fast as she could if she knew that.  He also had had no intention of telling his mother what he was doing.  He knew what HER reaction would be!

Now, though, it was a different matter entirely.  He had spent almost two hours explaining the situation to his mother and his reasoning for coming to her now.  And he had received the world’s biggest scolding from her over the whole thing.  She did not agree with Willow’s decision or her son’s part in it, but as Avery talked to Willow her heart melted just a bit and she agreed to go back to the house with him and meet her.    As they drove, Avery told his mother that he felt the Lord had prompted him to enlist her help in seeing Willow through this season.  She “Harumphed” in response and stared out the window.

It wasn’t long before he was pulling off the road and heading into the trees to Willow’s oasis.   He noticed Willow on the porch waiting for them.  Willow looked uncertain when she saw the woman sitting next to him.  He turned off the car and made to get out when his mother turned on him.

“You will wait here.  You’ve made a big enough mess of this.  I will go and talk to her.”   Avery opened his mouth to protest but his mother glared at him and proceeded to get out of the car.  He dropped his hand from the handle and watched the scene unfold before him. 

His mother reached the bottom step and he watched her speak to Willow, gesturing to him. He assumed she was explaining her relationship to him.  Willow looked his way and glared for a moment before turning back to his mother.  Then the two disappeared into the house, his mother with her hand on Willow’s back.

Hours passed as Avery impatiently waited.  He had eventually gotten out of the car and walked around a bit but it was beginning to get late and he still had the drive back to the city tonight.  Finally, Avery’s mother appeared at the door with Willow close on her heels.  Willow’s face was red as if she had been crying.  Avery hoped that wasn’t a bad thing.   She raised a hand and waved at him and then headed back inside.

His mother approached the car, “I am ready to go now.  We will talk at the house.  You will stay with me tonight and then come talk to Willow tomorrow.”

Avery looked back at the house and then at his mom, “Are you sure?  I could just go home tonight if she doesn’t want me.”

“No!”  The word came out sharply.  “You will talk to her tomorrow and we will come up with a plan.  A better one than what you were working through.   Get in!”

Avery opened his mouth and closed it.  Only crazy people argued with their mothers.  But he did feel a little frustrated.  A better plan?  He had spent entire days focused on putting this all together.  And he thought he’d done a pretty good job, too! 

As they drove he worked up the courage to tell his mother how he felt, but she beat him to it.

“Avery, you are a man!  And you created a plan for a man.   She is a woman, and a young one at that.   And pregnant!”   The last sentence hung between them.  He knew that!  He had tried his best to make sure she would be safe.  But his mother wasn’t finished.

“You cannot drop a young, pregnant girl in the middle of nowhere, with no skills, and expect her to survive, let alone thrive!  What were you thinking???   Of course, you weren’t thinking.  You’re a man!   It’s by the grace of God you decided to come to me.  How was she supposed to make sure she had a healthy pregnancy, and delivery, with no help?  Where is the brain God gave you?”   She huffed and turned to look out the window again.

Avery deflated just a little.  Maybe there were a few things he hadn’t quite thought through.  Okay, maybe there were a lot of things.  But he was working off Willow’s desires.  He had only done what she had asked him to do.   And to top it off, he had done his best to make sure she was safe.   He snuck a glance at his mom and looked back at the road.  Okay, he had messed up.  But at least now his mom was in the picture.  She would help him sort it out.

“You will talk to Willow tomorrow and make a new plan, the two of you.  I will do my best to help her through this, but I’m not a midwife.  You’re going to have to figure this out.  If she dies out there alone it will be on your head!    Willow has agreed for me to come twice a week to check on her.  That was the best I could negotiate.  She thought it would bring too much attention to her if I came more often.  It sounds like she is about 3 months along.  That means this baby will come some time in November.  We must be ready for that.”

Avery nodded his head and turned up the drive to his mother’s house.  “Soooo, are those burritos you were working still going to be good?”   He snuck a glance at her as her head whipped around to look at him.

“All you can think about is your stomach?  What kind of son have I raised!”  She threw her hands up and looked up at the roof of the car.  “Oi!”

“Mom, you’re not Spanish,” he joked weakly. 

“No, but my burritos are!”  She winked at him and then frowned again as she got out of the car.  She couldn’t let him think he was off the hook that quickly!

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