The Ring Does Not Fit

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Have you ever felt trapped in your marriage? Like things just haven’t gone the way you thought they would? That maybe you married the wrong person? That your life would have looked vastly different if you had married someone else?

Sunshine Rodgers takes us on a journey in her book, The Ring Does Not Fit. Alena is married to Lee, a Christian man. She has no interest in his interests and is only looking to make enough money to have the things she wants. But is life really about “things”?

Alena falls asleep one afternoon and wakes up in another reality. But is it the reality she really wanted? As each day changes and other husbands parade before her eyes, Alena has to figure out what truly matters in order to find peace.

This book had an interesting story-line. I thought the author did a great job showing how women often overlook what is right in front of them because they’ve lost sight of the truth (Jesus Christ).

However, there were a few times I felt uncomfortable with where she was going. There were many scenes of intimacy implied that I felt went a little further than they needed to. Although the author never went anywhere inappropriate, I felt that she was often leading our thoughts there and I didn’t like that path.

I also didn’t appreciate that she brought Jesus Christ into the book using the initials J.C. It seems very disrespectful to me and I struggled every time I saw those initials in the book. She doesn’t explain that that is who she is talking about until the end of the book but it is very obvious and again, made me uncomfortable.

Overall, I’m not sure I would really recommend this book unless you knew someone who was struggling with similar thoughts.

About the Book

Book:  The Ring Does Not Fit

Author: Sunshine Rodgers

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Christian, Fantasy

Release Date: November 19, 2019

front cover

Alena is stuck in a mundane marriage and longing for something different. New clothes. Bigger bling. Flashy cars. Miraculously and inexplicably, it all happens in a flash and she is finally married to
the man of her dreams, but something still seems to be missing. In all her excitement, the one thing she’s looking for is the one thing she can’t seem to keep.

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About the Author

Sunshine Rodgers is an International Best-Selling author, speaker and motivator who excels in sharing the hope and light of the gospel in her books. Her characters experience the love and grace of Jesus
Christ and the beauty of Heaven. Sunshine hopes her pages will get you passionate about your faith. Her books have been made into audio books and translated in different languages. Her social media sites and personal blog reach thousands of readers a week. Sunshine has appeared in magazines, newspapers and live media interviews and is working on her merchandise line (available on her website!). Sunshine now enjoys her days traveling for signings, author events, speaking engagements and book tours.

More from Sunshine

“Why are we never satisfied?  I mean, we can have houses, cars and money and still want more! If I were to break it down, I would have to say…insecurity.  Maybe we feel like we’re not good enough. I don’t know about you, but I compare myself with others
all the time just by looking at social media and feeling like I don’t measure up. My book “The Ring Does Not Fit” concentrates on appreciating what is right in front of you, celebrating those who are still with you and staying humble. Because the grass is not always greener on the other side and there is always more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.I wanted to explore the issue of contentment  in my book.The only way to really get over any personal frustration and constant comparison  is to have
an attitude of thanksgiving and praise where you are thankful for what you have, no matter how little or big it is.That’s the first step to loving life.”– Sunshine Rodgers

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