Willow is Back! Where did she go?

Guys! I’m excited. This has been in my head for so many years and I started Willow’s story a few years and then lost my motivation, lol. That happens a lot with me if you hadn’t noticed. Hah.

However, recently I was chatting with a sweet lady who also happens to be my inspiration for Willow’s story, and she kind of lit a fire under me to get it done! And I’m kind of glad she did. She has been such an encouragement through email and her own books and although I know I can’t do her story justice, I’m excited to see this story come to life.

Many years ago (about 7 years) I read a book called Past Forward by Chautona Havig. The book was originally written in serial style similar to the old newspapers that would run short stories over the course of a few weeks. At the time I read it, it was offered for free on Amazon (Ms. Havig is amazing and always has a book on sale or free for Kindle). You can find the first three parts of this series here on Amazon.ca

The story is about a girl, named Willow, whose mother has just passed away. Willow grew up on a farm with no contact with the outside world. In the course of the story you learn that Willow’s mother got pregnant in her 20’s and was forced to go into hiding from the man who got her pregnant. Kari Finley builds a life for herself completely off gird, learning to care for animals, harvest all the food she needed to survive, and learn all manner of crafts and handiwork. Raising a daughter in this setting is one of the greatest achievements of her life. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to. There are 6 parts to the story, each one building on a theme of spiritual growth. I think you would be encouraged and taught through this simple story.

But Ms Havig’s books started with Willow’s story with only snippets into Kari’s life and I was intrigued. The idea of being self-sufficient and teaching yourself to do everything including weave clothing and give birth is something I can feel. While I love having an online business and first world amenities, I also see the benefits that such a life could afford.

And so, instead of going off-grid myself, lol, I decided to write her story. And yet, it’s not Kari’s story, or Chautona’s, it’s mine. I hope you’ll stick around as I share my version of Kari Finley’s story, Song of the Willow, over the next few months. I don’t know how many chapters it’s going to be. It’s still writing itself and growing. As I write this story of loss, I’ve been learning much about myself as well, and my response to the loss I’ve experienced.

I’m not a professional writer. The only thing I’ve ever had published was a simple editorial in my local newspaper. But I love to write. And the story is inside me. So I’ll write what the Lord tells me to and pray it is a blessing to someone. <3

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