When Life Hands You Lemons…Just Pull Out Your Sugar.

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I was SO excited!!! I was going to spend 2 full weeks in Ontario with my parents (the first planned vacation there with all 3 of my kids) for my mom’s birthday. It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve been home. It was a pretty big deal. I had plans, guys.

I was going to go check out a Charlotte-Mason curriculum store, purchase fabric online and pick it up so I didn’t have to pay shipping, and, most importantly, go to the biggest homeschool conference I have ever attended!!!

And then it happened. I got handed a bowl-full of lemons. Not only was I not going to Ontario as planned, but ALL the homeschool conferences were canceled this year. Even the one in New Brunswick I was planning to attend in June where Heidi St. John was going to be speaking.

Subsequently, while I wasn’t “devastated” over events, I was just a little disappointed. As a homeschool mom, I look forward to those times of getting out. That’s the hardest part of isolating. Due to already spending 90% of my week at home (minus church and groceries), I look forward to these big times of getting together with other moms and friends.

Despite being a little down about the cancellations, I became excited when I found out about this amazing conference being held online – in a LIVE format so it’s just like being at an in-person conference! And it was like someone handed me a bag of sugar to make that lemonade!

Enter the Canadian Homeschool Symposium

Canadian Homschool Symposium

The line-up of speakers is absolutely incredible! I mean check it out! Some of the speakers include Rebecca Spooner, Diane Geerlinks, Louise House, Lisa Marie Fletcher, and SO MANY MORE!

For $20 (that’s like 1/3 of the price I was going to pay to be in-person at a conference) you’ll get access to a swag bag of coupon codes and free product. Plus, you can meet up with many of the speakers in the vendor hall.

The Canadian Homeschool Symposium is going to be an online event like no other and I hope you’ll join us! Order curriculum, join some fun, and be encouraged through this special event. I hope to see you there!

Click on the picture to sign up today. The fun starts tomorrow!

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