Adventures In Science: Helping Children to Love Learning

Curriculum can be such a subjective thing. Personally, I love looking at books. I wish we had a curriculum store close to us here in Halifax where I could go and browse. As it is, I plan to take full advantage of homeschool stores if I get to Ontario this summer.

Today, though I wanted to talk about Science. Who wouldn’t want to have adventures in Science?

Growing up, I did not have a great relationship with Science. I remember my sister getting to make a piece of bread go moldy…but I don’t think I even got to experiment with that when I reached that grade.

In high school, I had the privilege of watching videos of people doing experiments. Yes, that sounds about as exciting as it actually was! All I remember of it was making fun of the person on the video, especially when they were counting drops of something and over counted. That was the highlight of my Science experience.

I wanted more for my kids. I wanted Science to be exciting! Something they all looked forward to, because Science is all about learning more about our world. And that SHOULD excite us! Our old, boxed curriculum just did not cut it for me. The Science was dry, boring (even for me), and completely uninteresting. Definitely NOT an adventure!

I was nervous to try out Masterbook’s Science, because I hate spending money on something that you just don’t know about. Friends had been using other curriculums that sound similar to what we’re using now, but since we were using Masterbooks for everything else I decided to try it.

Adventures In Science: A Curriculum Review

Adventures in Creation

Adventures In Creation actually only came out last summer. A brand new, Bible-based Science curriculum that truly gives the kids adventures in Science! Since Masterbooks is Charlotte Mason-inspired, I had a feeling it would be more than just a dry textbook with questions and answers.

Wow, I am blown away with it! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen the many pictures I’ve posted of our Science journey this year. It’s one subject we all look forward to now! Although we don’t get to do every experiment (due to a lack of necessary items), we do quite a few of them because we love having adventures in Science!

Adventures In Science: Studying the Moon
Understanding craters on the moon

So far most of the experiments have required items that are really inexpensive to purchase. Things like hair spray, shaving cream, food colouring, etc. Some of them we’ve used items around the house to substitute for what the project actually called for (ie: instead of pom poms to represent pollen on our bee’s legs, we used ground mustard).

Science should Inspire!

It should make our children want to know more about the world our God created. It should always point them back to the Creator. I love that this Science curriculum does that. I love the Scripture that they constantly bring into it, and the verses the kids are copying out. Things I never even thought about in relation to God creating the world, are fascinating and wonderful. And THAT is what Science should do!

I love my kids picking up books about our world and being fascinated by what they are learning. They often will point out things when we’re driving somewhere about birds or plants that they learned about. I love seeing the love of learning being cultivated in them!

Does your Science curriculum do that? Is it more than just a subject to check off in your homeschool day?

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