Have You Remembered Everything?

When the Important Thing is Forgotten.

When the important thing is Forgotten: Have you Remembered Everything?

“Have you remembered everything?” If I had a toonie for every time my husband has said this to me in the last 8 years (since our first child was born), we would totally be mortgage-free! Hah.

The problem with this statement, is that he always asked it when we were 5 minutes down the road and I invariably had forgotten SOMEthing! But, as I always reminded him, I did remember the other 500 items we had to bring with us, so I figured the percentage of items I remembered far out-weighed the one item I forgot (unless it was diapers)!

These days, he doesn’t ask me! I usually run through a list in my head as I’m getting ready to walk out the door; which is really just as bad, because I still forget something. My brain is not what it used to be and I find it increasingly difficult to rely on it as a good reminder of what I need to bring. My husband has become better at looking around before we leave, though, and seeing what I’ve missed (unless it’s my coffee, which usually gets left on the table, horrors!).

Lately, though, asking myself if I remembered everything has really come home and become something incredibly personal. And that has to do with making sure I’ve spent time with the Lord each day. This is not even about just reading my Bible. It’s about turning to Him in every circumstance. Every time I’m tempted to lose control, or am faced with a circumstance I’m not happy about, I ask myself, “Did you remember to pray? Have you talked to God about this?” And many times, I remember to ask myself this many hours after the fact (face palm). I kick myself because I know that many hours of worry and fear could have been replaced with trust and peace in the midst of whatever storm I am or was going through.

Making this question a habit has been something I’m working on.

“Did you remember to put God first?”

Remembering to ask myself this first, instead of last.

I watched an incredible movie last week called, Tortured For Christ. It is the story of Richard Wurmbrand, a Lutheran Pastor who was tortured by the communists for being a Christian. I was absolutely broken when I finished watching it. He spent his life being tortured for talking to people about Christ and I found myself asking, “Did you remember to talk to someone about Christ today?”


Talking to people about the Lord should be as natural to us, as Christians, as eating or breathing. And yet I find myself at a loss to explain how I can go to the grocery store, or visit with neighbours, without sharing Him! How can I call myself a follower of Christ when the simplest action that should accompany that statement is often forgotten?

We have this really sweet woman, Violet, who visits our church every so often and let me tell you, I doubt she ever forgets! She prays, she praises, and man, does she ever promote Christ!

How about in your home? Do you remember Christ in every action and word that’s spoken? Ouch. That one hits home, too! “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men.” Colossians 3:23 I know I’ve forgotten the Lord sometimes when the chores pile up and I’m tempted to complain. Sigh.

One area I’ve really been working on when it comes to remembering Him, though, is with my kids. Too many times obedience is made less about honouring and glorifying God and more about how we as parents look. One of the things I have been striving to help my children understand is that our obedience should come because we love the Lord and because He commands it. Not because we want to make mom and dad happy. It diffuses a tense situation 9 times out of 10 as soon I bring the Lord into it.

So, how about yout? Have you remembered everything? I know I have a lot to work on when it comes to remembering the Lord in every aspect of my life. I also know, though, that it’s really important for me to work on making remembering Him at the top of every list I make!

Have you remembered everything?

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