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Who is thinking about Christmas?

No, you are not allowed to string me up! I love Christmas! I’m already playing Christmas music (started the week of October 1st which is late for me, hah). I adore Christmas and I love planning for it early! I start shopping in September (I know some who start earlier than that) and I look for good deals.

Wanna know something crazy, though? I often forget what I’ve bought, or where I put it, hah. Yup, I need help in that department.

I also like planning for our meals in December at the beginning of the month, because who likes shopping in December?? NOT ME! (Insert angry face). People are so rude in December, which, Hello, should be when everyone is happy! I hate shopping in December and that’s not even counting the AMOUNT of people who decide to shop in December. Where do they all come from? And why don’t they shop the rest of the year? Like, seriously.

So planning is HUGE for me when it comes to Christmas.

A few weeks ago I shared with you a Homeschool Planner from Jennifer Bly (The Deliberate Mom) and today, I’m so excited to share her Christmas Planner with you guys!

This planner is only $3 (CAD) and will help take some of the stress out of the Christmas season (cause couldn’t we all use a little help with that?).

From her Website:

This booklet includes:

Master Christmas checklist (all those tasks you don’t want to forget about plus space to add your own)

Christmas baking list (recipe name, where to find it, ingredients to purchase, and a place to document if it was made).

Christmas cards list (a space to record the name, address, done, and mailed)

Christmas gifts list (a space for the name, ideas, and gifts purchased)

Christmas traditions (record your traditions and the prep needed to carry them out)

Christmas to-do list (a space to record all the things you need to do to prepare for the holidays)

Christmas reflections (record what worked and didn’t work – reference this next year)

I love that the file consists of one copy of the Master Christmas checklist but all the other sheets have two copies (so they can be printed double-sided for your convenience). 

She even has a sheet so we can think through how the season went – what worked or didn’t work, so that we aren’t doomed to repeat the bad parts next year, lol.

Head over to her shop through this (link) to grab your copy or click the link in the sidebar.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? What is the most stressful for you? Share in the comments!

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