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Homeschooling affects so many different areas of our lives. Often I find it difficult to schedule my time as teacher when my mom life overlaps into it. Using a planner has helped me to balance out some of the areas I have struggled with and I want to share one of my favorite planners with you today.

Jennifer Bly, over at The Deliberate Mom, has created a number of printables that I’ll be sharing about over the next few weeks, but her Homeschool Planner is what got me hooked!

A few months ago, Jennifer came on to a blogger forum I’m a part of on Facebook and asked for people who would be willing to review her planner. I jumped at the chance because I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life.

Months later and I’m still more than a little giddy over this planner.


First, let’s talk about how it helps me in our homeschool. I love that it has an attendance record. Here in Nova Scotia I am not required to keep track of how many actual days we school, but I know a lot of US States and other areas, do require that, so this sheet is good for that. I use it because it helps me keep track of how many days we actually do school (we take a lot of breaks) and then I can physically see what we are accomplishing even if we don’t school Monday-Friday like most people.

There are quarterly planning sheets that allow me to work out where I want us to be at in our curriculum for each quarter. It breaks up the quarters a bit different than school, but I work with it and I like the option of planning that out.

Then she includes a Daily Routine sheet which is awesome because my son is very schedule-oriented. He likes to know exactly what he has to accomplish (as long as it’s a reasonable amount) before he can head off and do his own thing. This sheet is great for him being able to see that. It also includes a “Plan for Today” page that allows you to schedule each half hour out exactly. I’m planning on using this to create a schedule for both myself and my son (who is 8) to keep us on track with chores, etc. My daughter is not quite reading yet so I’ll hold off on making her one of her own until she gets there.

When it comes to planning out our school day, Ms. Bly has included pages for planning for multiple children, a Week at a Glance, Schedule sheets, Unit Plan pages (for those of us who like to create unit studies), Reading Log pages for keeping up with books, and SO MUCH MORE.

For Everyday Use

My favorite pages are the Parent Daily Planner page, Financial Record pages, and Password pages. There is even more than that included! It’s so practical just for daily use in our home. And even if I don’t use the Daily Planner page every day, it’s nice to have that available for the days I need to schedule my time in order to get done everything I need to.

The best part is that it’s printable, so you can print as many pages as you want or would use (no need to print the parts you wouldn’t use – we never go to the library so a library book tracking page is not something I need) and then get them spiral bound for your year (I’m planning to do this) or just 3-hole punch and place in binder. The binder method would make it easy to add or remove pages as you find they work or don’t work for you.

Check out the Planner here: Deluxe Homeschool Planner or click the link in the sidebar.

Do you use a Homeschool Planner? Do you have a favorite? Share in the comments below.

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