Headaches, Groceries, and Budgets

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Do you know what can give me a headache faster than anything? Grocery shopping. Yup, it makes my head ache to try and buy enough food to last us until the next paycheque, on a budgeted amount. Some weeks I spend hours poring over flyers and recipes to find the cheapest meals I can to fit the budgeted allotment for groceries. It’s definitely NOT my favourite thing.

Recently I’ve been working harder at staying on budget and lowering the amount we spend on food weekly. I shared an article on the Quiet Workings Facebook page last week where a Canadian blogger shared her tips for shopping for less here in Canada. Today I wanted to share a couple of options that I use to help lower my grocery bill, or get cash back.

If you live in the Maritimes, you should check out SavewithGail.com Gail has a wealth of information on couponing and price matching that is SO helpful. If you join her facebook group she shares deals each week and where to go to get the best for your money. Even if you’re not into couponing, this website is valuable information.

Canadianfreebiesanddeals.com is another website that shares some great coupons. One of my beefs with coupons is that many of the items are things I don’t buy and therefore worthless. Both Gail’s website and this one have coupons for things that I would actually buy or that we eat. This makes it worthwhile for me.

Checkout 51 is a website that gives you cash back on items we use all the time. I’ll be honest that many of the items are things I don’t purchase, but it’s worth it to me to upload receipts every couple of weeks or so for that one item that I do use. I received my first cheque for $23 and change from them a few weeks ago and am already back at $1.25 in my account thanks to the cans of beans that I bought last week.

Caddle is another app that allows you to earn cash back on purchases as well as surveys. I earn .50 for every single Costco receipt I upload to the app. That simple. Some of the food items they offer are things I will never buy, but they also have surveys that you can earn .05 to .10 on. Every day they have a new survey. .05 can add up if you do it every day. It also cashes out at $20. You can use the promo code: AMANDA89241 to automatically earn $1.00

There are a few apps out there that you can download that have all the flyers for each week included. I use the Flipp app and like the option of having a grocery list right on the app. Plus, it makes it really easy to price match at participating stores. Having a plan is sometimes the best way to keep yourself on budget.

These are just a few of the ways I work to lower our weekly food budget. What are some things you do to keep food costs down in your home? Do you have a food budget? Talk to me in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Headaches, Groceries, and Budgets

  1. Here’s my take on groceries. Eating at home is ALWAYS cheaper than eating out. I do not put many limits on my grocery budget, because if I have food I like at home I’m not going to eat out, and thus I save. I will buy expensive cuts of meat, and pre cut veggies/fruit even if it’s a bit more because it keeps me eating at home. Plus I like to eat and I like food that tastes good! Haha. However I do price match, look for sales, and use coupons and apps for rebates/cash back. I love my PC points! Today I saved over $15 by price matching. My grocery budget is the place I give myself freedom to spend! Food is essential! I will cut back in other areas so I can eat and spend freely on food 😊. Just my two cents. Haha.

    • This is a good thought! I don’t like eating out so that’s not really an option for me. I just think it’s sad that eating healthy has to be the most expensive part of my budget when food is a necessity. The price of groceries almost makes it a luxury. Unfortunately, I wish I had more to spend on food than I do. But thanks for your thoughts. Because I do think good-tasting food is important! I love to eat! And I love to eat healthy! Haha.

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