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I love sewing. It’s not really a secret, hah. This year I made almost my entire summer wardrobe. It was fun and incredibly fulfilling to wear (since everything fits “just right”). Something I realized this summer is that cami’s have become almost non-existent in my wardrobe since I can adjust patterns and make them modest. It helped tremendously in staying cool during the hot weather. No layering for me!

I spend so much time sewing that my husband would probably agree with the whole” pro-craft-inating definition. Sigh. I did clean my kitchen today before I sat down to sew, though! I try! =)

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of joining a pattern test for Phat Quarters, a pattern group that I just discovered. I had previously only purchased their ball cap pattern which I have not yet tried making, so it was a lot of fun to work with an almost entirely new pattern company from those I usually purchase and make patterns from.

The Olive Button-Down Shirt and Dress pattern was a lot of fun to test out and create for my niece (Don’t worry, my daughter will have her own in the very near future, haha).

I’m all about plaid and I’ve been hoarding this plaid fabric that my sister-in-law had purchased for me a couple years ago. I used the rest to create a “matching” dress for my niece’s sister (changing the fabrics to make them opposite). It’s not quite done yet, but hopefully by this weekend. The blue is a mystery clearance fabric, a little heavier than lining but has the same feel.

The buttons were the one thing I was terrified of. My machine does not have the button hole options that newer machines have and I literally have not done button holes since my old machine broke. Hah. But, this material, combined with the interfacing, made it quite easy to do them with a small, narrow zigzag stitch. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I actually put snaps on the muslin and would use them again, but wanted to make the pattern as written for this test. The holes aren’t perfect but unless you look closely you’d never know!

I love patterns that come out modest with zero modifications! This pattern fit the bill in so many ways. I think I will be making many more of these for Willow (and probably for my nieces as well!) I’m tempted to try it in knit even though it’s created for woven fabric.

The pattern also comes as shirt length with either a straight or rounded hem. It includes a 3/4 sleeve as well which would bring it about to your child’s elbow (again, I’m tempted to try a full sleeve, just because it gets SO cold here in the winter). Willow hates wearing sweaters so I like having long-sleeve shirt options for her.

Check out Phat Quarters on facebook or order the pattern on their website.

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