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A few weeks ago I shared some meal plans I had created a while back. I love planning meals that are tried and true with my family (seriously picky eaters) but I also like trying new recipes because I think they need to expand their palate a little.

One of the ways I have been expanding our menu is with Epicure spices. If you’re not familiar with this company, they are 100% Canadian (just opened US offices this month) and provide the spices and recipes for us to create meals that are healthy AND yummy!

I’ve really gotten into using their meal solutions because all of them are 100% gluten free. Our family has been working towards removing as much gluten as we can because of behavioural issues with one child. We aren’t 100% gluten free but it’s nice to know that we can be 80-90% gluten free using Epicure.

Let me explain why I use Epicure, because I’m sure some of you are thinking, it’d be so much cheaper to buy the spices from the grocery store and create your own blends (like taco or fajita seasoning). And under normal circumstances I would agree. But, first of all, I don’t keep spices in my cupboard. I just don’t. I’ve tried. I’ve gone out and bought spices before. But then I don’t know what to do with them and dry spices lose their flavour after a few years, hah. The only ones I really keep in my cupboard are Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger and All-spice (just so I can make pumpkin spice, cause really that’s all that matters).

I did purchase some of the essential oils that are used in cooking like Cilantro and Cardamom. But I still fall into the trap of not knowing HOW to use them properly in cooking. Either I add too much of something, or not enough. It’s rather disappointing when my meals are either inedible because there is way too much spice, or edible and bland, because there isn’t enough spice for flavour.

Epicure takes the guess-work out of it for me. I use their 3-Onion Dip Mix for just about everything. I sprinkle it on a roast before cooking. I toss potatoes in it with oil before baking/roasting. I’ll add it to soup or stews. And, of course, I use it for dip.

They have spice packets with recipes on the back for making Shepherd’s Pie, Lasagna, Chili, and more! I recently purchased their 3-week Dinner Collection which includes 15 meal solutions (spice packets) for 3 week-day meals that are stress-free. This includes 3 packets of 5 different meal solutions: Alfredo, Chili, Mac and Cheese, Pulled Chicken, and Taco. But the neat thing is the catalogue shows you how to use those packets for different recipes, so you’re not eating 3 meals of Alfredo – you have Fettuccine Alfredo, Salmon Alfredo Bow Ties (which I would probably sub the salmon for chicken) and Garden Chicken Alfredo. Plus, Epicure’s website has way more recipes that you could choose from.

This month only Epicure is also offering a Turkey Dinner collection which includes 2 spice packets for green bean casserole, 2 Roast Turkey seasoning packets, and 2 Eggnog Cheesecake packets, plus full-size bottles of Sage and Apple Stuffing, Chicken Broth, and Poultry Gravy, and sample packets of Herb and Garlic Dip Mix (along with a grocery list, prep schedule, and recipe cards). Such a great option. Make one set for Thanksgiving and save one for Christmas! But it’s only available until September 30th! ($55)

Click the link to order:


OR message me for a catalogue and you could earn host benefits by getting your friends and family to order. Get $250 in sales before September 30th and you could earn two half price items and $65 in free product! Also, ask me about the extra incentive available for qualifying classes, just until September 30th.

Have you heard of Epicure before? If you use it, what are your favourite products?

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