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I signed up for this review tour with some trepidation. I was extremely curious about this devotional as soon as I read the information about it, but I’m also super picky about devotional book and I was SURE this devotional would not meet my standards. I have searched over many years for books that were written by people I would be confident aligning myself with and they are very few and far between.

So, like I said, I signed up with a little hesitation, because I do hate to give bad reviews on books. Devotionals are so sketchy, because it’s not just a fun, fluffy story, this is teaching people about the Bible and sometimes it touches specifically on areas of doctrine which I think are very important!


Before I even clicked on that link to sign up, the first thing I did was google the author. I found out what church she attended and checked out their doctrinal statement – and it seemed to align with where I stand Biblically. This was a huge relief to me! Being able to even find out what church she attends is huge, because the bios for many authors out there are so vague you have no idea where they come from or what they believe. Check out the author’s bio below:


SHADIA HRICHI is a passionate Bible teacher, author, and speaker who has a heart for seeing lives transformed by the power of God’s Word. She has received a master’s in biblical and theological studies from Western Seminary as well as master’s in criminal justice from the State University of New York. Shadia is the author of several Bible studies, including HAGAR,Worthy of Love, and her latest study, LEGION, comes out in October. Shadia is often invited to speak at churches, conferences, and other events. Her insightful, witty, yet vulnerable teaching style reveals a compassion for the hurting, love for Jesus, and uncompromising commitment to the truth of God’s Word. Visit shadiahrichi.com

But this review IS about the devotional she wrote, not necessarily about Shadia Hrichi.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much of an encouragement this devotional has been to me! Although I have not finished it yet, I am close to finishing and have enjoyed this study SO much!

Hagar: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me is a7-week devotional based on the life of Hagar (obviously, hah). I found this unique, because, honestly, the Bible doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about Hagar. But from the moment I started the book, the author drew me into this woman’s story, and I began to see a picture of this small snapshot into Abraham and Sarah’s story that perhaps most preachers don’t spend a lot of time focusing on. A picture of God’s grace to a slave woman. And of God’s grace to us, in being there in those times when our struggles seem so hard! When He asks us to do hard things (like telling Hagar to go back to Sarah and submit to her authority). So many aspects of this story just hold me in awe.

One of the things I liked the most was the questions the author includes throughout each day. Sometimes I get annoyed at the question parts in devotionals because it seems like they were just added to make someone feel like they were being stretched but there’s not much to them. The questions in this devotional make you dive deeper into God’s word. Analyzing parts of Scripture, not just moving over them and touching on how this makes you feel, or what you think you need to change in your life (which are good questions sometimes, but not necessarily what’s always needed to make people think harder).

The devotional is really easy to read, it’s not written in deep theological terminology. I loved how Ms. Hrichi added in little stories of her own life to show how to apply the principles she’s teaching in a practical way. It would be great for both a Ladies’ Bible study or just for personal reflection.

Keep reading for more specifics, make sure to enter the giveaway, and check out these other blogs for more reviews of this devotional:

About the Book

Book: Hagar

Author: Shadia Hrichi

Genre: Religion / Bible Study

Release Date: October 10, 2017


You are ”The God Who Sees Me.”

Discover a close relationship with God–no matter the pain or suffering in your life. Witness the depths of God’s compassion through the eyes of Hagar, a runaway slave who meets the living God in a desert of despair, where she gives Him the name El Roi, ”The God Who Sees Me.”

Through this seven week study, you will find that when you surrender your life into God’s hands, your trials and triumphs serve a magnificent purpose: to draw you into the arms of the faithful God Who Sees Me.

”Deep and packed with surprising insights!” Francine Rivers

Click here to grab your copy.

Click here to download a free sample, explore Shadia’s video teaching sessions, or sign up for the online Bible study.

More from Shadia

Am I known? Am I loved? Am I home?

Every human heart is searching for the answers to these questions. Yet when pain and heartache enter our lives, we feel betrayed and cry out one question: God, do You see me?

The answer is yes. He is Behind the Seen.

Because we live in a fallen world, each of us will inevitably face hard times, even painful ones. Who among us has never seen or felt the fallout of broken homes, broken lives, or broken dreams? Hagar is a great example of someone who discovered God during a difficult time.

Maybe you have never heard of her. Or perhaps you came across her name in a study of the book of Genesis. But how much do you really know about this young slave girl? We often relegate her to the backstage as a minor character in God’s redemptive story. But was she?

As I explored Hagar’s story for another book I wanted to write, God continually amazed me as we journeyed together from the affluence of Egypt, into a life of slavery, to a desert of despair. It seemed the more I studied her life, the more I discovered about God. What began as a chapter evolved into a study all its own.

Two years and several thousand hours of study and prayer later, HAGAR: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me came to be. Consider this book as your backstage pass to the life of Hagar.

I have never actually gone backstage during a live event, but I know that much more goes on behind the scenes than meets the eye. I invite you to come backstage with me and explore how God was involved in every detail of Hagar’s life. Her story has all the ingredients of a Hollywood tragedy: betrayal, loss, abuse, crisis pregnancy, abandonment . . . any of that sound painfully familiar?

Thankfully, Hagar’s story does not end in despair. God was working Behind the Seen—just as He has in your life and mine—all along. As a matter of fact, Hagar emerges victorious!

Hagar: an unsung hero if there ever was one.

Beloved, is the enemy using anything in your past to try to derail you from God’s plan, or hold you back from experiencing God’s joy to the fullest? Be assured, that is not how your story will end. Just as God did for Hagar, when He enters your story, victory is already assured.

So strap on your sandals and a grab a bottle of water. We’re heading into the desert. A place where we will rediscover the God Who Sees Me.

“The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light;
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness,
on them has light shone.”
—Isaiah 9:2

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To celebrate her tour, Shadia is giving away to TWO winners 1 book of Hagar, 1 book of Legion and a $50 gift certificate for leafwoodpublishers.com!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.


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