Remembering the Resurrection

This week brings us the holiday known as Easter. I always called it Easter growing up but lately I’ve been convicted about bringing it back to what it’s about – the Resurrection: recognizing Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

Something that has really played on my heart over the last few years is the fact that we don’t do much to prepare our hearts for this time of year. In Jewish culture, the Passover (celebrated around the same time) is one of the MOST important celebrations, and so, too, I believe Resurrection Sunday should be the one that we, as Christians, place the most emphasis on.

In reality, Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in Christian tradition. We spend weeks preparing our hearts for the birth of Christ. We hold elaborate plays, host celebrations in our homes, and sing special hymns for an entire month.

Somehow, this seems to be backwards to me. For nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to remember the birth of Christ. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe anyone is sinful (or less spiritual) if they celebrate Christmas. We love Christmas at our house.

However, the only celebration we are commanded to keep or remember (according to the New Testament) is the Resurrection of Christ.

The importance of this time of year should overshadow all else including Thanksgiving, and any other holiday to which we attach great importance.

To try and draw my thoughts to what the Lord has done for me, in being rejected of men, mocked, crucified, and then gaining victory over death by His resurrection, I am going to be following these Scriptures, reading and writing them over the next week. My desire is to prepare my heart, through daily devotions, for full remembrance of His Resurrection, as we celebrate it, this coming Sunday.

Scripture writing is something I started a few years ago. It helps me to focus when I am spending time with God’s Word. I found, when I just read it my mind often wandered and I could finish whole chapters and not be able to tell you what was said. While I can still do that to an extent while I’m writing/copying Scripture, I do find it much easier to focus and meditate on what I’m writing and have gotten so much more truth from this way of doing it.

Whatever you find works for you, whether just reading the passage and spending time in prayer, or by writing the Scripture passages each day, I invite you to join me. Save the graphic below to your phone or tablet, or print and place in your Bible.

Let me know on Facebook if you’d like to join in. I’d love to know who’s doing this with me. =)

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