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March has arrived! With it back to back winter storms! Now I’m just hoping for the ending to “In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb.” Hah. I’m actually hoping for an early Spring this year. Last year, if you guys remember, we had frost in June, so not cool for growing a garden. We haven’t had a ton of snow this year so I’m not really complaining about the storms, I have just realized that I prefer summer weather, especially in regards to driving.

It IS time to start thinking about gardens, though. Do you garden? Do you prefer edible or just for looks? I’m kind of about both, but up till now I’ve stuck with edible because I really wanted to relieve some of the burden of buying fresh produce. I haven’t been hugely successful at it, YET, hah. I joined some gardening groups on Facebook this past Fall and have gotten lots of suggestion and advice for making my soil better, etc.

But this year I also decided I wanted to add some flowers in. I love flowers. I considered berry bushes, but I’m not sure my budget can afford them. We’ll see how much they’re asking when the local co-op gets them in this Spring, I’m still rather tempted. However, I did find a local grower who saves her own seeds to sell. I purchased a couple of perennial seeds and some annuals, just to see how they’ll work this year. I also purchased a few vegetable seeds like cucumbers and beans. And my greatest excitement – rhubarb seeds! Like, I didn’t even know that was a thing (obviously they come from seeds, duh, but usually you find them in nurseries already started – I’ve never seen seeds for sale). You can check out Caitlin’s Forever Garden on Facebook for her selection – or if you’re local in Nova Scotia visit her stand at Goucher’s market in Kingston.

It’s also that time of year when we evaluate our homeschool curriculum and start looking at what we want to purchase for next year. I’m a total boxed-curriculum person. We’ve been using Bob Jones curriculum almost exclusively since my oldest started kindergarten but I’m not completely into traditional teaching methods. I usually do what I can to add to BJU, but this year I found it just wasn’t working as well for us. I still love their program but I know we need to switch some things up for the Fall in order to keep my son’s attention. While I plan on using BJU for Science, Math, and English, I’m looking into Masterbooks for the extras like Spelling, Reading, History/Geography, and Bible. The curriculum uses a number of materials from Answers In Genesis and every subject is wrapped around Bible themes and truths, rather than a separate study in itself. Reminds me of what school books were like years ago (like 100 years ago). I like the concept and am interested to see how the Charlotte Mason style works for my kids. You can check out a video on their program here: YouTube

Although I’m planning to add Masterbook’s Geography and Cultures for the elementary level to my cart, I will definitely be teaching Canadian history to my kids. In looking at regular curriculum requirements it appears that American history is taught up till Grade 6 (at which point World History starts). Masterbooks has a neat-looking World History but it’s for 4-6th grade and my oldest will just be starting grade 3, so I’m going to keep with traditional curriculum and teach country-specific history. For us, this means Canadian history, not American.

My excitement over teaching Canadian history has doubled since the launch of my new Canadians In Space unit study. I’m planning to use this unit (and others that are currently in the making) to make learning about Canadian history fun for my kids this year. I love Canadian history and have been so disappointed with the options that are out there right now. I read A LOT…and historical fiction is one of my favorite genres, so, for me, as soon as I learn an interesting tidbit about Canada I automatically start picturing it actually happening and see people, like a movie, in my mind. I want kids to experience the same thing. While it’s hard to create that with a textbook style, I have done my best with this unit study, but I also include books that I hope will create that love of learning and desire to know more. I have activity pages for those who prefer the work-book style (and let’s be honest, some kids do well with that style) and I have hands-on activities for those who prefer more of a Charlotte Mason method. The activities will work from Grade 1 to Grade 12, with essay questions and extra research woven in to the study. If it’s something that will interest you, I hope you’ll head over to the Shoppe page and get yours! You can check out a review of the unit study on Sodbuster Living’s Blog or go look at my posts on the QuietWorkings Facebook page.

You can get the curriculum for 50% off until March 31st using the coupon code; LAUNCHPARTY2019

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