Who’s Speaking: CAHC 2019

The 2019 Canadian Homeschool Conference is just days away! Who’s ready for it? Have you registered for free? I gave you some of my reasons for purchasing a life-time pass on Thursday, you can read that post here.

Today, I going to share with you some of the speakers at this year’s conference and the sessions that I’m most looking forward to watching.

There are 23 speakers this year! Isn’t that incredible? I’m blown away by the response that Lisa Marie Fletcher (the coordinator of the conference) had when she put a shout-out on social media back in December. She has therapists, authors, homeschool moms, the president of the HSLDA (and other members of the organization), speakers for kids, and more! There are probably more professionals speaking at this conference than at most provincial conferences across our country. That’s another reason you should get a life-time pass. How often do you have access to this much knowledge all in one place?

While I’m hoping to get to listen to all the sessions this year through my life-time pass, there are a few that I’m particularly interested in hearing.

Rowan Atkinson is at the top of my list! She is the creator of Headphonehistory.com (squee, Canadian history recorded!) and will be speaking on Hope for Homeschool Burnout. I’m there, how about you? Wow, this year is kicking me. Definitely could use some help!

Lisa Marie Fletcher will be talking to kids about how to use Google Earth (how neat is that!). I love that there are sessions for kids. I’m going to let my kids listen to this one, too. Maybe we’ll make it one of our electives for the day, hah.

Julie Bolduc-Duval is speaking on teaching Astronomy and that’s something we’re actually really interested around our house right now (plus, I’m working on a Canadians in Space unit study, so they totally go hand in hand. History and Science together!)

And then there’s Ashley Brown who’s speaking on Time Budgeting: How to Reach Your Goals Each Day. (slinks down in chair…) I think this kind of goes hand in hand with the one by Rowan Atkinson.

How many of you struggle with kids who need extra help? Samantha Camera, from the HSLDA, is going to be talking about Dyslexia. I love helping other homeschool moms who are struggling, so I’m looking forward to this session and am excited to get some good info.

On the same them, Alex Cormier is going to be talking about teaching kids with autism. I love the idea of “Homeschooling Outside the Box” when it comes to helping kids succeed!

Do you struggle letting your kids help in the kitchen? My mom was always very patient about teaching us, but I confess I struggle with the patience factor. Jen Mackinnon will be talking about finding time to teach your kids to cook.

One last one to whet your appetite, and this is also one I struggle with. “Math Myths, Math Anxiety, and Learning Challenges.” Kathleen Cotter Lawler. You want to talk about math anxiety? (raises hand)…I taught a classroom of students and I can tell you all about math anxiety. On my part, not theirs! Grade 8 math! Wow, yikes. Not what I’m looking forward to in my homeschool journey. So I’m looking forward to hearing this one as well.

There are so many more sessions! 23 in all. You can check out the rest of the speaker and what they’ll talking on here.

I hope you’ll head over and sign up if you haven’t already.

And if you’re interested in purchasing a life-time pass for just $35, you can get all 23 sessions to listen to whenever you want!

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