Why You Want Lifetime Access to CAHC

It’s less than a week away and I am really excited about this year’s conference. Not just because I’m speaking at it, hah. There are a number of sessions that I’m really looking forward to hearing!

Attending Homeschool Conferences In Person

Have you ever attended a homeschool conference in person? I’ve been to about four so far in my homeschooling journey. Here in Nova Scotia we are blessed to have a conference every year that is fairly close for me to attend. I started attending the conference before my son even started school. The year he turned four, we had Sonya Shafer come and talk about the Charlotte Mason method. One of the biggest issues I had, though, walking away from that conference, is that I had no way of going back and re-listening to some of what she said. There were no recordings, nothing.

Then there was the time I heard Steve Demme, the creator of Math-U-See. He wasn’t even talking about Math. And I wished, oh how I wished, I had recordings of those sessions, especially for my husband to be able to listen to, as much of what he spoke on was to the dads. But I didn’t have a recording, just my notes from the session.

And the time I heard a person from Music for Young Children talk about implementing music in your homeschool. Or, how to teach Canadian history. Or…you get the picture.

The point is, when we hear something that is going to help us in our homeschool journey, we need to do our best to keep track of it so that we can go back and refresh ourselves and maybe even take away something new from that session.

CAHC: Canadian Homeschool Conference

So here’s my #1 reason for why I love the Canadian Online Homeschool Conference:

All the sessions are pre-recorded by the speakers.

You can sign up for free and choose to “miss” some sessions (because we all know, as homeschool moms we rarely have time to sit and listen to 2 or even 3, 30-minute videos in the run of a day. You may have 48 hours to check them out, but what happens if you have appointments to take your kids to? Or that one child needs 6 hours of help with his math that day?(sometimes that happens, let’s be real)

Guess what? You don’t have to miss out! Because the sessions are pre-recorded, that means you can purchase lifetime access to listen to them whenever you want! LIFE-TIME ACCESS…not just a one-year subscription. I mean, seriously! Would that not help us all?

I’ll be the first to admit that my brain ain’t what it used to be! I forget things faster then I learned them, hah. Having life-time access to these sessions is a no-brainer for me. I like having the option to listen to them whenever I want. One year I didn’t purchase it, and I was so mad that I missed some sessions I really wanted to hear. (And I still have the option of purchasing those with life-time access for only $27 right now!)

Here’s another reason I really like the life-time access option:

Every year there are sessions that I see and think, “I don’t need to listen to that one, it’s not applicable to me.” A month or so down the road and I’m kicking myself because I’m in a situation where that session could have totally helped me out! So even though I’m not in a certain place in my homeschool journey to need a certain session, if I have life-time access it’s there when I DO need it! Win-Win!

Life-Time Access!

Or you can always sign up with the Free Pass

I hope you’ll come back on Saturday and check out which speakers I’m most excited to hear.

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