New Year, New Habits

2019 suddenly crept up on me , how about you?

I’ve been really excited about 2019 coming.  It has signaled for me a change in a few areas of my life.  But, wow, it came in fast, and I’m not sure I was ready for it!  The last couple of years have been quieter ones for me.  Not much blogging, not a ton of crafting, just staying alive, hah.  Figuring out this homeschool thing with a baby then toddler has made life interesting.   Especially with a toddler that moves like this one does.  Our local hospital is getting to know him quite well!

But the older ones are now at a great age of helping around the house so I’m finding time to start doing some of the things that I’ve always enjoyed.


Sewing has been huge for me the past couple of months and I even got to join in on a pattern test in November for an online company that I love.  I made quite a few of my clothes last summer but have learned so much more about finishing them that I plan on doing more this year and creating a wardrobe that I love with clothes that I actually enjoy wearing and that fit well.   I don’t sew as much for my kids because we get a lot of clothes passed down to us, so it doesn’t always make good sense.  But, I did do a few things, like Christmas PJ’s for them.  Hopefully this year I’ll be able to share some of these makes with you guys and share some of my favorite online pattern companies as well.

I also started wood burning this year and wow, that is so much fun!  I had a blast creating ornaments for Christmas, and, while they weren’t a huge seller for me, I did find that wooden spoons and signs are a big thing right now, so you’ll probably see more of those cropping up in my Choose Essential Etsy store over the next few months.   It’s just a fun hobby for me that I am enjoying.

A large part of my time past year has been spent in sharing about essential oils.  If you’ve been on my Facebook you’ve probably seen many of my posts about that.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much these plant-based oils have changed my life and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop sharing about them.  But my aim is not to irritate with annoying posts, hah.  I know some people are really turned off by direct sellers but I can’t really apologize for it.  I actually enjoy helping other moms earn money for their families this way.  I’d love to see more women staying home with kids while still being able to contribute what they need to to their families.  I actually think it follows the premise of Proverbs 31 and Titus 3 a little more than we’d like to think and you might see some posts in that regard this year.

But creating good habits is my goal for this year, and as such, I plan on sharing some of the ways I’m working towards that goal.  Some of my ideas may not work for everyone and that’s okay.  That’s why we, as women, share these things.  I’ve had many pieces of advice shared with me over the years, some worked, and some didn’t.  There’s no judgement for that.  But in the hopes of helping others we share our thoughts.  Not just in keeping house but in homeschooling as well.  Which is one thing I’m really excited about.

One of the goals I have set for myself this year is to realize a dream I’ve had of sharing Canadian history in a fun and interactive way with the homeschooling community.  This year I’ll be one of the speakers at the Canadian Homeschool Conference, an online conference created for Canadians.  It has been running for two years, this will it’s third year, and I’ll be speaking on using digital media, specifically television (which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there are some good points) to teach Canadian History.  I’m really excited about it and I hope you will join us.  There are already quite a few speakers listed with some good sessions lined up.  You can sign up for free and listen each day for specific sessions, or purchase lifetime access which will allow you to listen to the sessions whenever you have the time.   You can use my affiliate link here to sign up.  You’d be helping me out a bit by doing so and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. =)    We’re not paid to create the sessions for this conference, so every little bit helps us out.

Canadian Online Homeschool Conference

Besides that I’m going to be working on creating Unit Studies on specific areas of Canadian history.  I already have a few ideas for units but would love some ideas from you guys.   What are you interested in knowing more about?   What would you be most interested in teaching your kids?  What age level would you like to see these for?  My goal would be to eventually have units for all ages as I’m very passionate about seeing Canadian children know more about their history and their country, but I’d love to get some ideas from you all on where to start.

So, good habits.  Good habits in our Homeschool.  Good habits in our Housekeeping.  Good habits in our Child Rearing.   These are some areas I want to work on this year, and I hope you’ll give me grace as I share how I work toward this goal with you.  Because my ultimate goal in creating good habits is to work at becoming more like Christ.  Good habits can create a peaceful atmosphere which in turn can create more Godly character in both yourself and your children.  And that’s why we are here, right?  To glorify God and to love Him forever!  We glorify God by becoming more like Him.

Thanks for sticking around through the quiet times and I look forward to interacting with you all more in the days ahead!

Here’s to 2019!

Amanda Cunningham

Amanda worked as a full-time school teacher for two years before getting married and having three wonderful kids.She blogs about faith, family, food, and fun.While crafting takes up a lot of her extra time, Amanda also strives to help others through ministry in her church and in the community.Amanda, also known as Mae, works as the church music director and homeschools two of her three children

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