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Where are your favorite places to shop?

I am not much of a shopper.  I hate trying on clothes.  I think it’s mostly from when I was a kid and nothing ever fit right (hmm, actually, I still struggle with that).   But honestly, going clothes shopping when I was a teenager was a nightmare!  I wasn’t a small kid and 20 years ago they did not make cute clothes for bigger teens.  I always felt like I was wearing granny clothes.

When I was old enough to finally shop on my own I would mostly hit up thrift stores.  I couldn’t justify spending $40 or more on one item of clothing because I tended to get bored with it quickly, or realized that I didn’t really like the item.  If I had only paid a couple dollars for it it wasn’t as big a loss to me.  Sometimes I just bought clothes because they fit, not because I loved them.

Now, I realize the value of a good quality piece of clothing, and, while I still do check out the thrift stores, I refuse to buy unless I absolutely love the item, and it’s reasonably-priced (if the item is close to the same price as the item brand new, forget it – has anyone else noticed how ridiculous the prices at thrift stores are now?)

Lately I’ve been purchasing clothes online (because who has time to actually go and try on clothes these days!).  I’ve had some good experiences and some not-so-good experiences, hah.  But I love the selection of modest clothes that you can find and sometimes, if you check often enough, you can get them for better-than-thrift store prices!

When Liz, from the online store Cleo Madison, contacted me about reviewing an item from her shop, I was more than happy to!  Liz and her husband started Cleo Madison in response to what she felt was a need for modest clothes.  I had never heard of it before and quickly looked the shop up.  I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were (compared to some other online “modest” shops) and instantly spotted a couple of items that I would love to add to my closet.

Liz graciously sent me a gorgeous black pencil skirt to review which came just before Christmas.  Due to a wardrobe malfunction over Christmas holidays (gotta love kids), this skirt was part of my Christmas Eve church outfit, and has since become one of my favorite pieces in my closet.  I could totally wear it every day!

Cleo Madison - Modest Clothing Store

This skirt but in black 😉 – Taylor pencil skirt

The skirt sits at your natural waist, which I’ll admit was a little weird for me at first.  I’m from the era where everything sat on your hips.  I don’t think I’ve worn a skirt at my waist for at least 20 years.  I got used to it fairly quickly, though.

The skirt still comes below my knees even with it at my waist line (which I LOVE).   All the skirts on the website come well below the knees.  If I wear the skirt a smidge lower than my waist it lands almost mid-calf, which is a nice length as well.

Most of the clothes on the Cleo Madison website come in S-XL, but there are certain sizes that now go up to 3x so you just have to look around.  It looks like they are in the process of restocking their website.  The last time I checked a number of items were sold out (including the black pencil skirt – although there is another style).  I’m assuming they’re ramping up for summer clothing (won’t that be nice!).   Liz sent me the skirt in XL, and although I feel it is slightly snug, I’ve done the modest check every time I put it on and have not seen more of an outline that I like to see.  I’m not a bum-hugging type of person when it comes to my skirts.  Still, I usually wear a longer shirt (just in case).   I would recommend going up a size if that’s a concern for you.

Cleo Madison - Taylor Skirt #quietworkings

I know – it looks like I have a dress       on here, hah. But it is the skirt!

Overall, I love the skirt, and have probably worn it 8-10 times since Christmas.  I can’t wait to see what they bring out for summer.  If you check out the website now they have a few things still on sale (at amazing prices).  You can also check out their facebook page for regular updates.

Let me know what you think!


*In the interest of disclosure – I do not find her swimsuits to be on the modest side, although I guess everyone has their own version of modesty when it comes to that area.  I just know, personally, I’ve chosen to cover up a bit more than what is offered on the website.  The patterns are cute but the styles just not my thing. 

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