Marriage can be Extraordinary!

I don’t usually do reviews for movies.  I’m pretty careful in this area (and in music) as everyone has their own idea of what “conservative” means.  But when Icon Media contacted me about doing a giveaway and review of this movie, I prayed about it and felt that this was something I could do.  The subject of the movie is one that I think our culture needs to hear more of and I knew that I could stand behind that.  Then when they said I could watch a preview screening of the movie before posting the giveaway (a lot of companies won’t give you that) I jumped at the chance.  To be able to give you guys my un-biased opinion of this movie, while also giving someone the opportunity to snag a copy of this DVD for themselves, was a pretty awesome deal in my opinion.

Extraordinary! A Giveaway and a Review

This movie is a true story about marriage and of two selfish people learning what it means to live unselfishly.   David Horton is an ultra-marathoner and his wife, Nancy, is an artist.  Although Dave has run many marathons over the course of their marriage, the running starts to take a toll on his body.  After going through open-heart surgery and then finding out that he has done irreparable damage to his knee, Dave decides to “inspire people one last time”.  This, despite the fact that his wife thinks it’s time for him to focus on their family, including two older children.

Dave sets off on a 2,900 race across the United States bringing his body and his marriage to the breaking point.  To find out how it ends, you’ll have to watch the movie. 😉

My first thought when I saw the cover art was, “Kirk Cameron is in the movie therefore it must be good.”  Hah.  Really, though, I don’t think I’ve seen a movie with Kirk Cameron in it that wasn’t good.  He’s pretty strict about what types of movies he acts in and I respect him as an actor.   It was a little disappointing to find he really didn’t have much of a part in the movie.  He plays a radio talk show host and really has quite a minor part for his face being on the cover of the movie.  However, that doesn’t change the fact that the movie is still good.

My one “issue” with the whole movie, was this one section where they take this pretty girl from his college running class and show how his class changed her life.  She started the class as the typical “fat” girl.  But you could tell the make-up had not been done well and it looked like she was having a hard time even seeing through the mask they had on her face to make her look bigger.  It was awkward to watch.

One of my favorite parts of the whole movie was Dave’s interaction with a Russian runner during the race.  The two become friends and create quite a humerous aspect to the movie.  Dave has more than one opportunity to share his faith with his new friend and their conversation helps explain some of the issues surrounding life in Russia.   I enjoyed this subplot and thought they did a good job of adding that in.

When it comes to the meat of the movie, I cried.  And I cried, and I cried.   Okay, maybe I was already a little emotional before the movie started (lots of things going on this week).   But the whole aspect of a marriage and two imperfect people struggling to work through things together really struck home.  Especially as so many marriages are crumbling today or struggling to keep going.  Where wives are tired of carrying the burden of the family.  Where husbands often feel they are doing “God’s” work when they ignore their family’s needs (emotional or physical).  Or vice versa – sometimes the roles are reversed in this scenario.    Speaking from a wife’s perspective, though, sometimes women can wonder, why keep going?  If we’re running the household without a male head (even though there’s one there) then why not just leave and have one less relationship to invest in?   (Speaking on behalf of women, not in respect to my own marriage here.  I’m very thankful for the man God has placed in my home.)   This is a question that has come up more often than I can count in the last few years and I’m thankful for Christian producers who recognize the need for this subject to be addressed.

Dave Horton feels he has a valid purpose in running this race.  He sees God speaking to him in so many different ways.  His wife, on the other hand, sees the myriad of moments that he has missed in their family over the years, and knowing his health is deteriorating, wants a summer just for their family.   Both think they are justified in where they want to go, and both feel frustrated at the lack of support from their spouse.

It will take 2 months, 64 days to be exact, for the two to decide what truly matters in their marriage.  And I promise you, you will want to watch this one through to the end.

For those concerned with music (as music has been a concern in some recent movies), the movie starts with an interesting song, that is repeated at least once in the middle of the movie.  It is a place where it can be muted without compromising the story of the movie, if it’s an issue to people.  I, personally, didn’t find it that bad.  The only one I didn’t particularly like was when the credits rolled, and I just turned it off at that point.

There is a verse quoted at the beginning of the movie that is actually KJV – but I’m guessing it’s another version that just happens to mirror the KJV.   The verse that is used throughout the movie is not KJV…and I’m not actually sure what version it is but it is close to KJV.

Overall, I was impressed with the message of the movie.  The acting was very well done (which is so great to see in recent “Christian” movies) and there were some gorgeous scenes during his race that just made me want to take a trip across the States to see them.  I highly recommend this movie!

And I am so excited to offer you the opportunity to get one of your own!   Icon Media has graciously offered me a copy to give away to one of my readers.   Check out the rafflecopter below to enter.

The DVD will be available January 19…but the giveaway will end Saturday, January 13, at midnight.

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