Anchored – A Message of Grace

I had the privilege a few years ago to meet a little baby born at about 23 weeks.  It was an incredible experience and her mother and I have remained good friends since.  Reading this book brought back so many memories and even opened my eyes to more of what the mother and father went through during this time.  This book is about fighting.  Fighting to find hope, fighting to hold on to that hope, and fighting for a mother’s foothold in reality.

Kayla Aimee gave birth to her daughter, Scarlette, at 25 weeks.  After 155 days in the NICU, Kayla Aimee tells her story of how she and her husband survived those tumultuous days and hours.  For those of us with healthy children it is hard to fathom the pain and anxiety that such a stay in the NICU elicits in a parent.  Kayla Aimee tells us everything she felt through those moments while adding humour to keep the book from being depressing.

This book talks about the struggles she went through with her husband and the days she didn’t even want to talk to friends on the phone.  The moments of fighting for her daughter’s life and those moments of fighting for her marriage.  Kayla Aimee gives us an amazing glimpse in to what it is like for hundreds of mothers around North America and the world, who have similar struggles.  She also gives us ways we can help them, be an encouragement and pray for them.  With great humour she talks about the things one should not say to a mother with a baby in the NICU.   And she talks about how the Lord brought her back from the pit of despair to a place of hope.

I know that parents with babies in the NICU and those of us with healthy babies can all benefit from reading her story.  Giving hope to the hopeless and learning to be a blessing to those parents.

Amanda Cunningham

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