To The Sea – Book Review

To The Sea - Book Review     #QuietWorkings

I have really enjoyed working with the Graham Blanchard publishing company in promoting their books for children.  This boardbook, “To the Sea,” by Callie Grant is another adorable children’s book from this company.

On the website, the books have been broken down into “Learn”, “Absorb”, and “Praise” categories.  To The Sea is under the Praise category and it is so fun to talk with the Littles about how this book encourages us to do just that.  There is always a Biblical emphasis to the books and I love how they are based on Scripture (at the end of the book you will find a verse that the book is based off).   The illustrations in this particular book look like watercolour paintings.  They are gorgeous.   Below is one of my favorite pages!  If it weren’t board I would tear it out and frame it, haha.  Beautiful.

To The Sea - Book Review    #QuietWorkings

The book has a great rhythm to it, allowing for a soothing, sing-song sound to it as you read.  Even my husband commented on it after reading the book to Little Man.  Some books are difficult to read to little children but To The Sea is just perfect.  It made Little Man long to go to the beach (brrrr, no thank you) after reading it, which is what it is supposed to do.

Even though it is written for young children it allows for some great discussion with older children about what God created, why waves keep coming in to shore, etc.   I really like being able to bring the books back to Biblical things and encourage my children’s thoughts in that direction.  To The Sea is just another great book from Callie Grant and I can’t wait to see more!

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