Your Core – Book Review


Your Core - Book Review


I was so excited to receive this book from Graham Blanchard Inc.  I have had the opportunity to review a number of other children’s books by Callie Grant and this one continued to follow the same standard as the others.  I love having books in my home that I can use to teach my children that actually teaches them something about God and our relationship to Him.

Your Core teaches young children about their soul:  what it is and why they have one.  It is beautifully illustrated and printed on a nice strong board for little hands to be able to hold.  Your Core takes you through what a core is using a baseball, an apple, the Earth and the sun for examples before bringing it back to us.  Then it talks about why the core is special and takes you back through the examples before coming back to how God created us with a soul so that He could live inside of us.  It is so practical but filled with Biblical truths.

My 3-yr old was so excited when he opened the package and found the book.  He has brought it back to me a number of times for me to read.  The first time we read it he kept pointing to the pictures and asking questions (I love when he asks questions about books).  Then he wanted to read the book to me!  He pretty much has it memorized now.

I can honestly recommend all of Callie’s books for your child’s book shelf.  Or if you are looking for a present for Christmas for grandkids these would definitely fit the bill.  I look forward to adding more of her books to our household for my children to read and learn from.

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