Loaded Po-Flower

Haha…that’s my new term.  I have sworn off white potatoes, they are extremely detrimental to my weight.  Don’t worry, I still feed them to my husband and son.   However, this recipe is a big hit in our house.  And, no white potatoes needed!  So what’s the flower?


See, see, Po-Flower?  Potato…Cauliflower…I’m pretty ingenious, eh?  Haha…okay, so maybe not.  But hey!  I tried.   Maybe I should just stick with the original name of it and call it Loaded Cauliflower.  Maybe?  Okay.

So I really had to do some searching this morning because the recipe was shared on Facebook.  And we all know how facebook ignores copyrights of bloggers, blah blah blah.  Yup.  So, in my desire to share this amazing recipe with you, I scoured Google (to no avail) and finally found it through Pinterest (yeah!).

They say pictures are worth a thousand words and let me tell you, the only reason I found this recipe is because of the picture!  But, since I have recently been reading a lot more about “stealing” from other bloggers (intentional or not), I will not post it, instead, I will send you over to this amazing recipe so you can pin it direct and see this wonderful beauty for yourself.

Now, let me tell what I did differently from the original recipe…since I did fudge a bit.

Loaded CauliflowerSo, you cut up a head of cauliflower and sprinkle it with some cooked bacon (seriously, doesn’t bacon make everything so much better?)

Then you’re supposed to add 6 Tbsp of chopped chives.  Now, I’m not the worlds most amazing cook…so when it comes to spices, invariably I’ve run out.  Sure enough, last time I made this recipe I had zero, yup check the bag, zero chives.  So, they got left out.  I totally didn’t notice.Loaded Cauliflower

Then you are supposed to add the mayonnaise and sour cream.  But again, who keeps sour cream in their house?   I mean, if you meal plan, then you would probably have known you needed this and shopped and picked it up days before you cooked this…but, let’s be real.  As much I often dream about meal planning (and sometimes I do for about a month)…I always end up scrounging for something to eat with all the wonderful things in my fridge…so no, I didn’t have sour cream.

But guess what?  I never despair.  I keep Greek yogurt in my fridge, because A. Costco sells big containers really cheap and B. it tastes so much better than that cheap watery stuff that I used to eat.  So I usually end up substituting it for sour cream.  And I’ve only had one recipe where you could tell the difference…this one was not it.  Soooo good!

Then you add your cheese and mushrooms.   I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms, but I will admit that I do add them.  I just cut them up really tiny and throw them in.

Ummm, ummm, good.

There are a myriad of variations to this recipe.  You can add chicken or ham instead of the bacon and make it a little more protein-filled (you could probably use ground beef, too).  We eat it as a meal (it’s filling)…but some people eat it as a side (like a baked potato).

If you want to check out the entire recipe…head over here and pin it for later!

Loaded Cauliflower

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    • Thanks! I haven’t tried that yet as Hazen balked at the idea of cauliflower for a pizza crust, haha. But he did eat bean burgers this week so we’ll see. =)

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