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Yesterday I shared about Jacinda’s 1777 New England Primer for encouraging good handwriting, on my facebook page.  You can check out her blog, Growing Home for more information on that!

Today I wanted to share with you two more bloggers that I enjoy following and their contributions to this year’s Homemaking E-Book Bundle.

Caroline Allen blogs at The Modest Mom Blog and has an online store, Deborah and Co. that I shared with you in my post on modesty a few weeks ago.  Well, a little while ago, Caroline and her husband came up with a program designed to help with discipline issues in their home.  I know I am not alone in my struggle with being consistent with my children when it comes to discipline.  However, if we are not consistent it sends conflicting signals to our children and they don’t know when they have to obey or when they’ll be able to get away with something.   Character Badges takes the guess-work out of that for kids.  And we all want our children to grow in grace as the Bible says.

I love that the Allens agree that good behaviour should not be based on rewards.  However, the truth is that God gives us rewards for doing the things that we are supposed to do.  However, our love for Him and our obedience to His Word should not hinge on those rewards.  In the same way, the Allens want to encourage good behaviour through the use of rewards that will eventually no longer be needed once your child has learned that good behaviour.

“Character badges ultimately has nothing to do with winning badges and everything with instilling in your child the habits of good behaviour.”       Caroline Allen

Growing In GraceThe Allens have put together a system of three charts along with badges and flash cards that work together to teach your child character as they grow.  This printable pack is especially designed for ages 5-12 and retails for $9.99 on their website.   This particular pack is included in the E-Book Bundle that is on sale now.  What a great deal you are getting on this program if you buy it in the e-book bundle.

If you’re looking for something for younger children, the Allens also have Little Character Badges for children ages 3-5.  This set is slightly different as younger children need to be trained in a different manner than older children do.  There are only two charts in this program along with three badges.  I am seriously considering starting this program with my oldest Little in the near future.  AND, the Little Character Badges retails for only $5.99.   I think that is a great price for something that is going to last for my children.  This program will help your child grow into the regular Character Badges program if you choose to get it in the ebook bundle.  NOTE:  Little Character Badges is NOT included in the E-Book Bundle…you must buy this separately.

In the Bible, Peter wrote, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever.” (2Peter 3:18).    We want our children to grow in grace (and using a program like Character Badges can help us in our goal to see them have good character) but we also want them to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  How do they grow in that knowledge?  By learning the Bible is the short answer (I know, deep right? haha)

I have had my eye on this Bible curriculum for a while that Lindsey at Road to 31 put together called the ABCs for Godly Children (there are actually two separate programs: one for boys and one for girls but you can buy as a bundle for $15.99 [or $9.99 ea]).

ABCs for Godly Children Curriculum This curriculum includes a teacher’s guide, flash cards, lessons, copywork, and games.  Through teaching character concepts, Lindsey encourages children to learn WHAT the Bible teaches not just about a simple character trait.  For instance, the letter S is about Salvation and X is for the Cross, while A is for Attitude and O is for Obedience.  Lindsey has outlined on her website everything she wants you, the parent, to know about this curriculum.  You can use this program in a myriad of ways, including daily, weekly, or as a Sunday School children’s program.  Included is a Bible lesson, copy work, a Bible verse for memory, and an activity/craft.  Although Little Man is still much too young for a program like this, I have it bookmarked so that I can buy it when he’s ready for it (although, I won’t have to worry about it anymore since I get one in my Ebook Bundle!)

*Disclaimer: The ABCs for Godly Children is written using the NASB, although it could be adapted to accommodate the Bible version you prefer.  When I asked Lindsey about this she replied that she is looking to provide this program in KJV in the future.

Both of these programs are included in the Homemaking E-Book Bundle that is on sale until Monday. These two programs, along with the 1777 New England Primer Copy work printables, almost come to the purchase price of the E-book Bundle if you bought them all separately.  So the great part about the Bundle is that you are getting, oh, like another 78 or so e-books and printables for free!

Check out these other resources for raising Godly children and for help in Homeschooling that can be found in the E-Book Bundle.

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