Share, Promote, and Remember in Monday Minutes

Good Monday Morning, Readers!

How many of you are enjoying one more day of holidays thanks to the Easter celebration?  I know a lot of you will be back at work (like my husband is), but we certainly enjoyed our time together on Friday.  We have a trail quite near our house that runs pretty well along one side of Nova Scotia (not that we would walk that far, haha) and we spent about an hour and a half enjoying it.  It was the best family time we’ve shared in a while.

Share, Promote, and Remember

Easter Sunday was a blessing.  We enjoyed a wonderful day in church with some great special music.  We had a few visitors from out of town that made it special, too (it’s always nice to have extra people in church).  Pastor had some great messages.  I especially enjoyed his Sunday night message on Walking in Newness of Life…and how, when we become Christians we should be doing something different, living differently.  It was a conviction for me and some great points to ponder.

Share, Promote, and Remember


How many of you have been over to Torie’s blog so far?  I haven’t heard from her as to the numbers yet, however, I am extending the giveaway as I want to encourage you all to help promote her new business.  Your main vote is by heading over to her blog and sending her an email to say hi (and tell her I sent you).  However, I also offered extra votes for social media sharing  and, as far as I know, no one shared it!  This made me kind of sad when I realized it today.  You can get extra votes for every single form of social media that you share it on!  If you’re on facebook keep an eye out for a link just for the giveaway that you can share.  I’ll be generating one tomorrow.

Torie also sent me an email this weekend and apologized profusely to you all.  Apparently there was a glitch on Amazon and she actually has more product listed than what it shows.  So she is going to try and get that fixed so you can see it all in one place.  I really do think that we need to support these moms who are trying to stay home with their littles and still help with the finances in their homes.  It takes a lot of work and dedication to run a business from home.  And, I mean, seriously, the chance to get a free item?  So share, share, share!  I am keeping the giveaway open until Wednesday morning.  As of Wednesday morning, 8am, the giveaway will close.  So many exciting things are going on this week. Just don’t forget about this giveaway!!!!

E-Book Bundle

So, I’m sure you all have seen these e-book bundles going around the last few months.  I have to say, these are amazing deals!  You get some great resources at your fingertips for literally pennies.  This Wednesday a new e-book bundle is coming out.  I can’t give you any details yet but you will be able to get it here on Quiet Workings this time!  Yeah!  Books are my friends.  I love books.  And I think you’ll be pretty excited about these books and other resources.  For more information just click 0n the pictures.

 Dressing Intentionally…

The final post in our series on dressing intentionally will be this Thursday.   This post will be on the “Little Things”.  How the little things that we do each day (from accessories to make-up) will help us to feel as if we have intentionally gotten dressed for our day.  You won’t want to miss it.

 Don’t forget about the giveaway and check back on Wednesday to find out more about this e-book bundle!

Happy Monday!

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