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This issue is probably one of the biggest concerns for Christian mothers, especially those with little girls to raise.  Walking through the children’s section at Walmart some days makes me cringe, let’s not even talk about the adult department.  So where do we go to find modest outfits?  How can teach our daughters modesty if you can’t find modest clothing?  .

If you sew, finding modest clothes can be as easy as heading to your local fabric store and picking out a pattern with some great fabric or searching online.  There are a lot of modest patterns still in existence (that are modern – no flour sacks here!) and if you find one that isn’t quite up to standard you can usually fix it so that it is.

For those who don’t sew, modesty often presents a problem.  But it’s not an insurmountable one.  It’s easy enough to add a great tank top under a low-cut shirt, or add a t-shirt to a sleeveless dress.  Halftees are the newest thing out there and I sit and drool over them!  If you don’t know what they are you should really check them out!  You can find them at and Deborah and Co. has started selling them as well.  Modesty 4 Me sells high necked cami’s if you have trouble finding tank tops that are high enough.  Incidentally, Walmart’s summer line of tank tops have quite a high neckline on them this year.  I bought them a size smaller than I usually wear and I have no issues with them at all.  That’s a first, believe me!

Today I wanted to share with you some of the online stores that I have found over the past few months that have some pretty, modest clothes, at somewhat decent prices.  I say somewhat because some people probably would not be able to afford to buy at all these stores.   However, some of you may be able to afford them, or get ideas for sewing your own clothes off them.  Personally, I haven’t shopped a ton online yet, only because I tend to have trouble with things fitting even in a store.  I would hate to buy something and then not have it fit.

Dressing intentionally means that we need to have the clothing in order to do so.  You can’t expect to put on just anything and have it look right.  Certain clothes look better on certain figures than other types.  If we are going to dress intentionally then we need to have the clothes to do it.  Now, I don’t know about you all but I can’t just go out and buy clothes whenever I want.  Clothes are often the last thing I put money towards.  One piece of advice I got in college (and one that I should probably remember more often) came from one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. (Phillips) Ackerle.   She told us that we should save our money to purchase one good quality item that will last versus spending money on cheap items that will have to be replaced in a year or less.   I will tell you that I rarely follow that piece of advice although, as the years go by, I am realizing that it may have been one of the best pieces of advice I ever got.  I have justified spending a few dollars here and a few dollars there because it means I can change my wardrobe around a lot more.  I like change.  However, those “cheap” pieces of clothing don’t last more than a few washings and then they start to look bad.  Like really bad.  So my philosophy of “cheap” clothes is not a good one to follow!

In an effort to start following Mrs. Ackerle’s advice, I have recently started buying clothes online.  It is a learning experience you can be sure!  If I can offer any advice about online shopping it is this: follow measurements and search for reviews of the that store before buying!  I bought a dress off after Christmas and I fudged the measurements…the bodice did not fit, at. all.  Thankfully I can sew so I was able to somewhat fix it.  It will never look like it did when it came out of the package, though.  You can see more of my review about my Eshakti dress here.  If I had read the reviews of this shop before I ordered I would have known to pay the extra change for custom measurements.

Plain t-shirts are great and have their place but they should probably not be the only thing we have in our wardrobes.  I don’t have an issue with wearing pants, but again, they shouldn’t be the only thing that you wear.  Seriously.  We’re girls.  Skirts look so much nicer on.  And there are a lot of cute styles out there!  You don’t have to wear ugly skirts just to say you are wearing a skirt!  We don’t want to look frumpy.  Frumpy does not equal dressing intentionally.  Styles change and there is nothing wrong with wearing modest clothes that fit today’s styles.  And I’m not saying you have to wear skirts all the time but I personally think they look nicer than pants (and for the record, I own and wear pants).

Years ago, middle to upper-class women used to change their outfits based on what they were doing (ie. riding, tea, supper, morning dresses, etc).  I love this concept.  If you’re cleaning your house, wear grungy clothes, but then change after into something nicer.  If you like to wear pants to play on the floor with your kids, then do it…and then change to a skirt before your husband comes home from work.  When I was pregnant I LIVED in sweat pants.  And then one day I realized how frumpy I felt and I started changing into a something nicer before my husband was due to arrive home (clothes were difficult to wear as I was in so much pain all the time, but switching to a clean, pretty outfit for a just a few hours was not a huge sacrifice to make).  The first few times I did it, he would ask me where I was headed that evening (I guess I only dressed nice when I was headed out somewhere).  It makes him feel special when I look nice for him…and that’s the essence of Proverbs 31, right?

So before this post gets any longer, haha…here a list of websites that you can check out for some neat ideas to sew or save up money for.  Keep in mind where you live and that shipping may be higher with some companies than others (especially for Canadians).  Also, before you buy try doing a google search for coupons.  Some stores offer codes that will allow you to get a certain amount off your first purchase, etc.  I managed to get my dress from Eshakti for $40 (and then paid $26 at the door for customs, haha).

For Americans:

ThredUP – this is like an online thrift store of brand name clothing.  The only draw-back is that Canadians can not order from it (boo).  I have heard a lot of great reviews from other bloggers about this store and the clothing they’ve gotten from it.  You can usually find $10 off your order if you search for a coupon code.

For Everyone:Modesty: Dressing Intentionally

Eshakti – I love the dresses from here.  And some of their tops are cute as well.  They have more of a vintage feel to them which I love.  This is done by measurements and is a great place for a plus size girl to find dresses.

Dreaming in Pink Boutique – this is a new one I recently found and they have some really cute clothes.  This store doesn’t have a large amount of stock, but I think they are adding to it all the time (from what I’ve seen on their Facebook page).   I’ve seen a couple of blouses that I like, they just don’t carry in my size (sigh).  The sizes don’t seem to go past a large on most items (maybe all of them).

Love My Jean Skirt – these jean skirts average about $30 to $50 ready made, but this store also offers the option of having you send in a pair of jeans that fit you and having them make them into a skirt for you.  Most of their skirts are re-purposed jeans.  They have some cute styles and some that are corduroy and different colours.  Plus sizes available.

The Skirt Outlet – is another great online store for skirts.  They also offer maternity (which can be hard to find).  These skirts average $28 – $40 (which seems pretty decent to me, really)…and they have some really cute ones!  They are all long.  I don’t think I’ve seen any knee length on the site.  I love their jersey maxi skirts and for $32 I think they’re the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere.  They offer plus sizes, as well.Modesty: Dressing Intentionally

Deborah and Co. – this modest fashion store is connected to a blogger (The Modest Mom Blog) that I enjoy following.  I ordered two items from her store before Christmas and they are, perhaps, the most-worn items in my closet already.  I will say that I’m not so into her home-made skirts, but she has recently started selling manufactured clothing and I really like some of the items.  I purchased the chevron maxi skirt and a pair of fleece-lined leggings.  I love the maxi dresses and they often go on sale for $25 (although not in the XL size, another sigh).  She has started selling halftees and some new vintage-style items.  I love what she is adding to her store and can’t wait to see more from her.

Garlands of Grace – although I don’t wear headcoverings, I wanted to include this store.  I would wear the headbands/head coverings as they are absolutely adorable and are a great way to keep your hair out of your face around the home.   They also sell leg warmers which I am very tempted to purchase!  I love the colours and what a way to add some fun to a jean or corduroy skirt.  I love these stores that offer fun alternatives to freezing in the cooler weather.

You can also often find modest clothes on Ebay and Etsy, although on Etsy you are probably going to pay more for the item as it’s marketed as hand made.  Etsy offers some great ideas for scarves and boleros.  One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Fresh Modesty, has opened an Etsy store: Bell Tower Boutique (to raise funds for her church) with some great scarves for summer.   You can also find some scarf options by Handmade by Hon on Amazon (who knew to look there?).  I’m going to be hosting a giveaway from Handmade by Hon next week so stay tuned and check out her selection of items so you’re all ready for it.  I know she’s going to be adding more to it so keep your eye on this new shop.

A scarf is a good way to dress up any outfit (even t-shirts).  I have so many more ideas for dressing up outfits but you’ll have to stay tuned for more in our series.  Next week I’ll be sharing why Frumpy makes us Grumpy.

Do you know of any other great online sources for modest clothing?



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