Monday Minutes: The Prime Ministers of Canada Quiz

Canadian History Week Three - The Prime Ministers

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Here it is: week three of our Canadian History quiz.  And this week is all about Canada’s prime ministers.  How well do you know them?  Take the quiz and leave your name.

And if you have yet to take the first two quizzes, make sure you go back and take them and add your name to those posts to get your free gift at the end of the month!   We’re almost there.  Only one more quiz after today!

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14 thoughts on “Monday Minutes: The Prime Ministers of Canada Quiz

    1. Haha…love it. =) The Prime Ministers can be tricky unless you have a good knowledge of them, so good job. =)

    1. Three out of five is not bad! Now if you hadn’t gotten any of them I might question, lol.

  1. Haha I got one right! Diefenbaker went to the University of Saskatchewan that Ben is at now, so there’s a whole museum about him here, and he was buried on university property. [But I hadn’t even heard of most of the others….]

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