Book Review: Wildwood Creek by Lisa Wingate

Wildwood Creek


Every so often a book comes along that grabs my attention beyond the norm. And this book was one of those. This book review was done with a free copy of the book from Bethany House Publishers.

Allie Kirkland has dreamed of working in film production since the death of her father (also a in film production) when she was a young girl. When her and her best friend are chosen to act in a docu-drama her life suddenly takes a turn.

Bonnie Rose lived during a time when Indians still roamed the land and life as a pioneer was vastly different in North America. Who was she? Why did she not exist before Wildwood Creek? And was she involved in the entire town disappearing without a trace?

Yes. The mystery is THAT good!

I had a hard time putting the book down to go to sleep at night. From the moment I read the first page I was drawn into the story in the way only a good author (one like Lisa Wingate) can do. I love history, and even though there is no historical basis for this tale, it read like a piece of history. And I’m sure you’ve all figured out my penchant for a good History Mystery!  I felt myself really wondering who Bonnie Rose was and what had happened to cause an entire town to just disappear with a trace (reminded me a bit of the mystery around Roanoke). As the story wrapped up I felt intense disappointment that it was over.

I didn’t find that this book had much in regards to building your faith. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any reference to the Bible in the book at all, though there were a few conversations between characters that could be read as faith-based. At the same time, however, unless you were really looking for them you probably wouldn’t actually notice them. I did see somewhat of a pattern in regards to learning to forgive in regards to Allie’s character, but it was very subtle.  This was disappointing for me as I saw the potential for so much more in this book.

Overall, though, the book was well-written and the characters were exceptional. I would definitely recommend this book as a good read.

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