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I had the great privilege of receiving a review e-copy of this new book (Pre-launch date is February 20!) from 10-Talents.

Many of you may remember the tragic death of little Azlynn Noelle on February 20, 2012, when the car her family was traveling in hit a pole on a US Interstate while traveling on deputation.  Matt and Lana have continued to serve the Lord after months of healing.  Matt has written this book as a testament to God’s grace.  It has be encouraging to me to see this young couple grow more in the Lord through this.matt and lana

The beginning of the book is the story of a little girl who dreams of one day having a castle of her own.  I really liked the story and loved sharing it with Little Man (and Little Miss will enjoy it when she’s older I’m sure).  I love the illustrations.  They’re colourful and fun and really grab your attention.  My favorite page is the cardboard castle falling down (you have to buy the book!).    I also found the story itself to be in a nice, simple writing style which made it easy to talk about the pictures and interact more with Little Man.

At the end of the book, Matt takes us, as parents, into the tragic situation that happened that February morning.  He explains how they learned to lean on God’s grace as a couple and as a family.  He talks about our need for a Saviour and gives the plan of salvation in simple terms (a good resource for sharing with unsaved people who have also dealt with tragedy).

This would make a great ministry tool and would be a good addition to any family’s library.  You can check out more about the book and sign up for pre-launch details at

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6 thoughts on “Book Review–Azlynn Noelle

  1. Hmm, confused now because Matt wrote to me to do a review and we chatted about details but I never heard from him again. So…is the book out already? Maybe I should email him again…or maybe he just didn’t need me to do it.

    1. To be honest, the pre-launch was supposed to be today. I have an email from a while ago but haven’t heard anything recently or seen anything on the website. I know today is the anniversary. But I’m not sure what’s happening with it.

  2. I remember reading about that tragic story…what a way to move on with life…I think that writing is a great way to deal with grief, I’d be interested in looking at this book! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a tragic time that must have been for them last year. It’s neat to see how to Lord can work things out through what we see as tragic. Book looks great!

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