The Book that is Changing Me – A Book Review

I realize this title may be a little mis-leading as many would think I would be referring to the Bible.  And, believe me, I do read my Bible every day and pray that Lord will use it in my life.

However, I recently began reading a book called “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp and it is completely changing the way I think.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

I received this book as a review from Zondervan, but I will admit that I actually asked to review this book.  A friend and I saw this book and we decided to read through it together to help encourage each other.   My wonderful friend lives more than a day’s journey away from me, and quite close to the author…we found that kind of an interesting side note to the read!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the book, to be honest.  I had heard amazing things about it from various sources online.  I’d even been on Ann’s blog more than once and while I found her style of writing to be very different and hard to follow at times, it was also refreshingly simple.  Once I got past the first chapter, her style of writing made more sense and the essence of what she was trying to say became so much sweeter.

I found her knowledge of the Bible to be so fascinating, and the truths that the Holy Spirit had opened up to her blew my mind away!

The book is about transforming our lives into living more fully for Christ by enjoying sweeter communion with Him through Thanksgiving.  In one place she uses the Bible to show how being thankful is necessary for us to fully enjoy and understand our salvation.  I loved her use of Scripture references to back up what she was saying.  She goes on to explain where the title came from as she opens up her own journal to reveal her recording of “one thousand gifts” in her life.  She explains that by being thankful for the little things God gives us every day (ie. sunbeams on the kitchen floor or chocolate chips in a cookie) we start to see His hand in everything.  Once we start to see His constant blessing in our lives and allow our thanksgiving to follow it, the life of constant complaint will cease to exist.  However, as she puts it in one chapter, this act of thanksgiving is one that we must consciously follow every day or the temptation to see only a life of worry and lack will enter back in.

I found the book to be very revealing about areas in my own life that I needed to work on.  But more than that, it has opened up a completely different area of understanding when it comes to reading my Bible.

I now read and comprehend it in a very different way.

I have started underlining in books when I come across a phrase or statement that really strikes me and most of this book is marked up!  I wish I could buy a copy for every woman that I know.  And it’s not just for women.  It’s for everyone!

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to read the book (although I HIGHLY recommend it) to start your own journal of recording the blessings in your life.  Reading the book definitely helped me become more specific in what I’m thankful for, though.

If you are going to buy yourself just one book this year, I would recommend this being it.

My friend also bought the study guide with her book and she thought the two definitely needed to go hand in hand.  I just might be adding that to my bookshelves this year.

I hope you all will take the time to stop by Ann Voskamp’s blog, check out her book, and learn a bit more about her and about counting your own One Thousand Gifts.

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