5 Ways To Be a Blessing To Your Neighbour


Everyone is talking about “Random Acts of Kindness” this year, especially during this Christmas season.  I’m not sure I completely agree with the concept as it seems to include TELLING everybody what random acts of kindness you did that day.  However, I do agree that we can be doing more for others than we do now.   

In keeping with our “Make Me a Blessing” series from last month I decided to give us some practical ways to be a blessing to those around us in various aspects of our lives.  Today I’m going to give you some ideas of being a blessing to your neighbour (keep in mind that these ideas can be used for others, too, not just specifically your neighbour).

Make Me a Blessing

I had seen some posts from other bloggers of things they did during the Christmas season and I loved their ideas so much I wanted to share two of them with you.

1. Courtney from Women Living Well wrote:

Spread the love of Jesus while driving around looking at Christmas lights. Every year before we leave the house to go look at Christmas lights, I have the children color 5-10 pictures of baby Jesus. (click here for coloring pages to print) Then as we drive we search for homes that are displaying the nativity. Each time we find one we clap and cheer. Then we roll down the back window and allow the children to take turns putting their picture in the mail box. I write on each picture “Thank you for displaying the reason for the season.” We hope it blesses them as they have blessed us!

(click on the link above to read the whole post)

2. Ann Voskamp from A Holy Experience wrote:

Jesus is the Gift and we keep giving Him away, down the road and around the corner and the world —He is the best Christmas to give — because when we share Christ, we most have Him.

And on the backside of that little verse liner, we write a Christmas note to our neighbors and tape up the back of the little cookie envelope — and tuck The Greatest Gift cookie envelope in with a little love-something for the neighbors — a hot chocolate mix, a bag of coffee, a good book, a little candle, a loaf of bread.

(by clicking on the link you can read the whole post AND download the cookie envelope template that she used)


I think these are some wonderful ideas for being a blessing to your neighbour.  Just think how fun it would be open your mailbox and see a coloured picture and a thank you note…or a little wrapped box of cookies.  I even like the idea that Ann had of adding a hot chocolate mix or a loaf of bread to it.  Something to make them feel special.

Here are a few more ideas:

3. Make a homemade ornament for your neighbour.  There are so many ideas on the internet now for homemade ornaments ranging from simple to hard, from costing nothing to some that are more expensive.  Do what works for you!

4. Go Christmas caroling.   I think this is becoming a lost art in our society.  It used to be a common event to have people come around your home singing carols.   Our youth group used to go every year.  We usually had specific homes that we went to, shut-ins in our church, etc.  I really enjoyed it and miss doing it.

5.  Do something “free” for them.   Brush off their car in the morning if it snowed the night before.  Offer to rake the leaves off their lawn for free.  Shovel their driveway.  Offer to babysit one night (if they have kids) so they can go out.   Mow their lawn (if you live where it doesn’t snow!).

There are so many ways we can be a blessing to our neighbours.  How can YOU show the love of Christ this Christmas AND in the months to come?

 Christ didn’t come here just for Christmas, He came for every season of the year!

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