Monday Minutes

Welcome to December!


I am very excited about this month.  Are you?  It marks the end to another year.  One more month and I will have been writing on this blog for a WHOLE YEAR!  Yes, I started this blog January 1st, 2013.  It marks a milestone for me and I am more than a little excited.  I’m hoping to bring you a wonderful giveaway to mark this anniversary…so make sure to stay with me.

Recap November

What happened in November?  Thinking back I’m having trouble remembering a lot of it.  Wow…I must be REALLY tired.  No, I remember.   I started out the month at a singsperation at friend’s church.  We stayed up till 12:30 (well, we were up a lot later, lol) singing and just enjoying some good, old-fashioned music.  We had so much fun!

The next two weekends I spent working markets.  I started a new line this year of natural products including lip balms, whipped lotions, solid lotion bars, and sugar scrubs (you can find these for sale in my Etsy store!).  I made some new friends and I’m looking forward to getting to know some of them better.

Then we were back at our friend’s in the valley for a weekend sleep-over!  I enjoyed visiting with the ladies at her church on Saturday morning and then came home in the midst of a snow storm Sunday afternoon.   We had such a good time, enjoyed lots of good food, and had some fun crafting together (she made Little Miss the most adorable hair bows!).

This last weekend Little Man got to attend a birthday party with his Auntie who came for a visit.  We enjoyed lunch together on Sunday and she took some amazing pictures of the family in the afternoon (with lots of wonderful snowflakes making their appearance).  I can’t wait to share those pictures with everyone.  I only got to see a couple of the ones she took but they were GOOD!

We had three guest posters on here, talking about being a blessing to others.  I really enjoyed their posts and I hope they encouraged you as well and gave you some ideas on how you can be a blessing to those around you, especially those who are struggling with things in their lives.

I also brought you a TON of book reviews.  I know, there were a lot.  I don’t get as much time to read anymore so it takes me a while to get through books.  I banned myself from reviewing any more until I got through the stack I had.  And, guess what ?  I did!  Yeah!   Well, I have one more to bring you this month.  It’s one book review that you won’t want to miss!

Coming Up…

I’m bringing some more posts in our “Make Me a Blessing” series.  This month I’ll be sharing some practical lists of things you can do to bless people, especially during this season of giving.

Other than that I think this blog is going to be pretty quiet.  I’m planning on doing lots with Little Man and I have church activities and family fellowships to plan and enjoy.  I hope you all enjoy this season and take time to remember what it’s all about.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

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