Book Review–The Strait of Hormuz

This week is a lazy week for blogging.  But I do want to finish up these book reviews (I have two non-fiction books to blog about for you, too!) before December hits.

This is a review copy from Bethany House Publishers.

The plot of the book is based around a chemical warfare threat.  The US believes that the Iranians have stolen the parts necessary to launch an attack on their country.  They believe that the weapons are being transported through the Strait of Hormuz and have plans to attack the ship ferrying the parts before the Iranians can use them.   Marc Royce and his team believe differently and must race to foil the attack before the US causes World War 3.

In premise, the story line is a good one.  And the cover of the book leads one to believe it will be exciting.  When my husband saw it even he said he wanted to read it!  However, I was absolutely disappointed in this book.  Most of the first HALF of the book is all, “every time he looked at her he could read her sadness” or “every time she looked at him she could sense his disappointment”.   Ick!  I mean, seriously, if I wanted to read that I would not go for CHRISTIAN fiction.   It was a horrible romance novel meets James Bond kind of thing.  Very disappointed.

About the only good thing going for it is that the couple do learn to spend more time in prayer regarding God’s will and learning to live within it.  Apart from that, it was not worth the time spent reading it.

The last half of the book did include more about the actual story, but by that point I had lost all interest in the book.  My husband’s words were, “It must be bad or you would have finished it all ready.”   I guess this is another case of “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

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