Book Review–The Secret Keeper, by Beverly Lewis

I have always enjoyed books by Beverly Lewis.  She is definitely one-of-a-kind when it comes to Amish fiction.  This is another of her books that I received recently from Bethany House Publishers.

Jenny is a young woman out of place in today’s society.  When she befriends an Amish girl her age, Jenny sees a way of life that seems to fit with her feelings of a simpler life.  As her proving time progresses in the Amish community, she finds herself holding a secret, one that could ruin her chances of ever becoming a true Amish-woman.  What will the future hold for this seeker?

I found the story to be very well-written, considering a few of the last books from this author.   While I find that Ms. Lewis is putting them out so fast I’m not sure that the same time and effort is going into each book that was previously put into her writing I can say that this book was very well done.

My one concern about this book is the message that is being conveyed.  In the book, Ms. Lewis uses the character of shunned Katie Lapp to express that we can find God no matter where we are, whether following the Amish faith, or in another faith.  While I agree with the concept, doctrinally I do not agree with it.  Katie Lapp wouldn’t be shunned if she believed she could follow Christ while being a part of the Amish church.  The idea that is presented is backwards to everything that has gone on before in this series of books.   It is a very different story from the others that have been written as this young lady is seeking to join the Amish community and almost all the other books Ms. Lewis has written have been based on those who seek to leave it.   I did read in the credits that this story was based on something that happened in real life so I find that I can understand where the author got her story line from.

Overall, the book is well-written.  I would be careful in recommending this book to someone who is not grounded in their faith, however.  I would be cautious about sending the wrong message to new Christians.

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