Book Review–All of Me That You Can’t See

“Based on Mark 12:30, a young

child discovers that his inner self

grows in Jesus right along with

the rest of him.  Help your child

with his or her own discovery.”

Back Cover – All of Me


This book has such a great theme!  Teaching children about their soul and how it grows, how we need to encourage it in the right type of growth (kindness, etc).   I really liked it.

Although not written in perfect rhyming style the book definitely had more of a pattern (than the author’s “Mud-Puddle Hunting Day”) that I could follow while reading.

The illustrations are, again, well done.  I love children’s books because the pictures are so fun.  I can sit and look at them with my Littles and talk to them about the pictures even if they don’t understand the words at their ages.

I received this book in an e-book format for review from Graham Blanchard Inc.  I’ve been impressed with the children’s books from this author and I hope I get the chance to review other authors from this publishing company.

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