Book Review–Knowing My God Series

These children’s books are, perhaps, some of the most adorable ones I have ever seen.  I especially love how the author, Callie Grant, takes a Biblical theme and puts it on the level of a small child.

Book Review

These two are available on Amazon (no affiliate links included in this post) and there is a third that I believe is yet to be released.   I received these two as review copies from Graham Blanchard Inc.   One I received as a hard copy and the other in an e-book format.  My son LOVES the hard copy we have of “Jesus Shows Me”.

The books are comprised of real photographs

book review 2

that are used to explain and illustrate the truths being presented in the books.

In “Jesus Invites Me”, the author takes the children through a series of photographs designed to illustrate how Jesus wants us to take His yoke upon Him (see illustration above) and learn of Him and that He will give us rest.  That through letting Jesus put His yoke upon us we can truly be who we were made to be.  All we have to do is accept His invitation.

In “Jesus Shows Me” the author explains to children how they can experience life to the fullest by abiding in Christ’s love.

The illustrations are beautiful and full of life in each book.  They will capture your child’s attention and have them going back to it over and over again.

One of my favorite parts of the books is at the end.  There is a page designed specifically for “Grown-Ups”.  Here it is explained how to use the book fully in the life of your child whether they be a baby, toddler, or older.

Book review 1

One thing I didn’t like is that the Scripture is not King James.  I find it appallingly difficult to find books written with the King James scriptures…but I honestly believe that the verses from the King James Version would make these books better.  The KJV is written in a lyrical style which is known to attract the attention of small children.  I felt they would have been a better fit for these books than the NIV.

Overall, the books are well-written and are made in board-book style so they will stand up to some pretty tough handling.  They would make a good addition to any child’s library.

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