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This is definitely for my sweet Little Miss when she gets older.  I was so excited to receive a hard copy of this book to review from B&H Publishing.

Audrey Bunny is written by the wife of the lead singer of the group Selah, Angie Smith.  It tells the story of a stuffed rabbit who has a smudge over her heart.  No one wants to buy her because she’s “dirty”.  Until one day, when a little girl picks the little bunny out of the barrel of toys.  Audrey Bunny does everything she can to hide that smudge from her new owner until the day that she realizes she was picked out of the barrel BECAUSE of that smudge.

I love how the story illustrates that we can all be loved no matter how we look on the outside.  That it’s not necessary to be perfect to be seen as special.  Its also a great lesson on how God loves us even after we are soiled and dirtied.

The book is very well-written and the illustrations are adorable.  This book would be a great addition to any child’s library.


This book has become a special one in our house.  Even my 3-yr old son loves to read it and look at the pictures.  My mom, on a recent visit, thought it was an adorable story and was so impressed with the lesson it sends to children (and she is quite the critique of books!).  I love that Deborah and Co is now selling it online.  Its a great way to support a mom’s home-based business AND get a great book for your child’s library.  I heartily recommend it.

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