The Quarryman’s Bride – a Book Review



I received this book for review from Bethany House Publisher
The Quarryman’s Bride is a story about love lost and found again. Emmalyne and Tavin are engaged to be married when the deaths of her two sisters turn her world upside down and end all thoughts of a wedding. Over the years Emmalyne and Tavin struggle with trusting God and accepting His plan for their lives, especially after they are reunited. Can they work through their anger and resentment toward God and Emmalyne’s father?
I was a little disappointed with the story line as I found it to be very similar to other books so much so that I could tell you how it was going to end. However, there were some things I did like about the book.
I found the characters to be very real in this story. The struggles they went through (mentally and emotionally) are ones that we face every day and the author was able to show how we are to get through them Biblically. I thought it was good how the main character confided in her pastor and took his advice on dealing through her issues with her father. So many of us face similar circumstances and feelings towards parental authority so it’s a topic that definitely needs to be addressed in our world.
I did think the subplot (Tavin’s sister suffers from a mental break down) was one that could have been developed more. Dealing with mental illness is a big thing in our society and needs to be handled with great care. The author does show how we need to be willing to accept help if someone we know suffers from this and not be afraid of looking weak.
Overall I found the book a little disappointing and not as captivating as it could have been.

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