1777 New England Primer Printable

For those of you who appreciate resources in the King James this primer will be especially for you!

I’ve always loved the old primers and one that uses Scripture with it was something that peaked my interest.  Jacinda, over at Growing Home is offering this incredible set of cursive printables for   She’s going to be selling this printable primer for just $2.99.      That price is just too good.

New England Primer: cursive and maniscript writing pages in New Kings Version

Having been working on my own curriculum for the past few months (can’t wait to share more about that once it’s ready for production) I know just how much work goes into these downloads.  You are going to want to get a copy of this, whether you’re a home schooler or a kindergarten teacher.

I can’t wait for little man to be old enough for these primer worksheets.  I shared on facebook back in the summer about dry erase crayons I had at Walmart. This primer would be perfect to use placed in sheet protectors. Then you could print once and reuse it over and over, even with multiple children.

I hope you will take advantage of this primer and put it to good use in your homeschool/Christian school classroom.

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Check out her blog today at Growing Home

New England Primer...cursive and manuscript printing pages in KJV

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