Book Review–The World of Jesus

World of Jesus, The: Making Sense of the People and Places of Jesus' Day

This was a review copy from Bethany House Publishers.
History is one of my favorite topics so I was a little skeptical about reading something having to do with the Bible. I often find things are misrepresented when it comes to the Bible. This book, however, met my expectations and I found that when I picked it up I couldn’t put it back down.
The book references (for the most part) the time period between the Old and New Testaments. The author explains what happened during that period and how if affected the things we read about Christ’s ministry in the New Testament. Aspects of Christ’s ministry are touched upon and some things explained – like why you hear about Pharisees and Sadducees in the New Testament but not the Old.
The text is well-written (not boring) and would make a great addition to any Christian’s library

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