Book Review–Blood and Bone

This was a review copy from Bethany House Publishers

I’ve said before how I love reading about archaeology and history and this was another great read along those lines.  I had reviewed Don Hoesel’s last book, “Serpent of Moses” a while ago and was excited to see another of his books up for grabs.  It was even better because I was able to download his first book, “Elisha’s Bones” for free onto my Kindle from Amazon.  This book is a sequel to “Elisha’s Bones” so it definitely set the stage by having read it already.

These books are all fictional – I want to make that clear.  I had found in “Serpent of Moses” that the author used an artifact that the Bible clearly says was destroyed.  That bothered me because it called into question the authority of the Bible.  In these two connected books, though, I was fascinated at the “artifacts” that he brought to light and discussed.

In the Old Testament we read a story about a young man whose body was thrown into the tomb of the prophet Elisha.  As soon as his body touched the bones of Elisha the young man was brought back to life.  But what happened to those bones?  Why do we not hear anything else about them?  This was an amazing miracle and yet it’s such a short story about something so powerful.

The main character, Jack Hawthorne had found and re-buried the bones in the first of the books in this set.  In this book, his two sons are kidnapped and held for ransom until he can produce the bones for a man whose wife is dying.  The story develops as Jack and his wife travel around the world following an ancient group charged with protecting the bones from the world.

I especially liked one part in the book where the person looking for the bones says to Jack that God must have kept his power on the bones in order for it to be used and Jack replies that it’s not so much that God is “keeping” his power on the bones, as it is God’s “residual” power and that such power is not to be abused.

Overall the story was very well written and an enjoyable read.

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